Are KONG Dog Toys Indestructible?

When your dog has a serious set of chompers, it can feel like they rip through anything (and everything!) in minutes flat.

Toys. Shoes. Furniture. Your sleeve. If it’s chewable, your dog may very well chew it—and quickly.

If this sounds like your dog, you already know that not all toys are created equal. You want to keep your dog entertained for more than a few minutes at a time (and keep yourself from having to replace your pup’s toys on the daily), so you need toys that are durable. You need toys that can withstand your dog’s epic chompers. Toys that are virtually…indestructible.

KONG dog toys have a reputation as being some of the toughest and most durable on the market—even for extreme chewers. So, what’s the deal? Can KONG dog toys withstand your dog’s bite? Are KONG dog toys indestructible?

The Different Categories Of KONG Dog Toys

Classic Kong

So, before we jump into answering the question “are KONG dog toys indestructible?” let’s quickly cover what a KONG dog toy is, and the different categories of toys the brand has available.

There are four categories of KONG dog toys, each with various levels of durability: KONG Puppy, KONG Senior, KONG Classic, and KONG Extreme.

KONG Puppy is the least durable toy. It’s manufactured for beginner or light chewers and uses a soft rubber designed for puppy teeth and gums.

KONG Senior is also made out of a soft rubber (although not quite as soft as KONG Puppy). This KONG dog toy was designed for light chewers and older dogs with potential tooth or gum issues.

KONG Classic is the KONG brand’s go-to toy for average chewers. The Classics are made out of a super durable rubber and can withstand most chompers.

KONG Extreme is a great toy for—you guessed it—the extreme chewer. Made from the most durable rubber KONG offers, these dog toys are specifically designed to deal with strong (and constant!) chewing.

Are KONG Dog Toys Indestructible?

Bulldog Kong Extreme

So, now that we’ve covered the different kinds of KONG toys, let’s get to the million dollar question—are KONG dog toys indestructible?

And the answer is—almost.

It would be really, really, REALLY difficult for your dog to chew his way through a KONG, especially a KONG Extreme. But over time (and over millions of chews) they may eventually wear down the rubber—but it will certainly take longer than most other toys.

If your dog is a super chewer, you’re definitely going to want to go with the KONG Extreme. The extra durability is going to make a huge difference (and seriously extend the life of your KONG).

If Your Dog’s A Super Chewer, Get Them A Super Chewer Dog Toy

Pit Bull with BarkBox Super Chewer Bacon Pawplexor

KONG dog toys are a great toy for extreme chewers. But if you want to keep your dog’s chompers occupied (and out of your shoe closet), you may need to give them some other options as well. If your dog is crazy for KONG toys, Super Chewer Dog Toys will definitely get two enthusiastic paws up.

Just like KONG toys, Super Chewer dog toys are extremely durable and can withstand serious chewing. And, just like KONG toys, you can stuff the center of many Super Chewer Toys with treats. It’s like a chew toy and a puzzle toy in one!

Let Your Dog Get Their Chew On With The Super Chewer BarkBox

Big dog with Super Chewer Box

If you’ve got a super chewer on your hands, you need to keep hthemm stocked with plenty of toys (and chews and treats!) to keep their chompers occupied. So why not get them a subscription to Super Chewer BarkBox?

With the Super Chewer BarkBox, you’ll get 2 super-durable toys, 2 meaty chews, and 2 yummy bags of treats—all carefully selected with the extreme chewer in mind. It’s the perfect fit for your pup (and his chompers!).

Featured image via KongCompany Dot Com

Deanna deBara

3 years ago

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