Do I Need To Put Booties On My Dog?

Reviewed by Melina Giakas

January 1, 2016

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This week’s question was submitted by Hare Jordon from New York, New York. (*Names have been changed):

I’ve been walking around the city and have noticed dogs wearing tiny boots. Do dogs really need to wear shoes?

Before I brought home my first pup, I thought the same thing. Booties however do protect paws from harsh weather conditions and everyday debris that can lead to injury.

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In the winter, snow can get stuck in your dog’s hair and between their toe-pads causing discomfort. Rock salt and other de-icers on the ground can also be dangerous if stepped on. Even hot pavement in the summer can cause damage. Booties protect dog’s paws from all of this. The ones I use for my dog are rubber boots by Pawz. The boots are made of 100% natural rubber. They provide a good grip for my dog and sturdy protection. They also come in packs of 12 so I never have to worry about losing one. My dog learned to walk in them after a few tries, but honestly looked a bit like this the first time around:

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If you want to avoid having your dog dance along the sidewalk, have them practice walking around the house before heading outdoors.

Reviewed by Melina Giakas

January 1, 2016