BarkBox & WWE Partner To Tag Team a Squeaker Smackdown Inside Limited-Edition Box

Ding ding ding! The ongoing feud between your dog and their fluff-filled opponents has come to a head, but the smack talk in this ring is all bark. BarkBox and WWE have teamed up to deliver exclusive original toys and lip-smacking treats for your pup to chomp, thrash, and slam. Let the showdown begin with our limited-edition WWE box!

Begin this bout with two themed toys designed by our talented in-house team, two full-size bags of treats, and a meaty chew! Take a look behind the seams at the toys in this collection:

Thrash N' Bash Title Belt

As your dog's coach, you should know pep talks are better with treats.

Toy Breakdown:

  • Disc squeaker, crazy crinkle, great for pose + play
  • There are no tie-breakers when it's dog vs squeaker
  • Size XS/S + M/L Extra Toy (Chat with our Happy team to add this Extra Toy to your box!)

The Rock Puppet

The People's Puppet has entered the ring for the most epic thumb wrestling in history.

Toy Breakdown:

  • Hand puppet with disc squeaker & crazy crinkle
  • Can definitely smell what the pup is cookin'
  • Size XS/S + M/L

Ultimate Warrior

Pin this furry foe with a gorilla press slam and plenty of drool.

Toy Breakdown:

  • Spiky squeaker ball, long + strong hair, & crazy crinkle
  • Defeat this Warrior and get ready for round two with the hidden toy inside
  • Size M

Macho Man

The flying elbow drop is no match for your dog's hair-tuggin' teeth!

Toy Breakdown:

  • Long + strong hair, disc squeaker, & crazy crinkle
  • Oooh, yeah! Bring on the squeaky finisher!
  • Size L

Smack Talk Mic

"And in this corner play-fighting today is... Ultimate Slobber-er!"

Toy Breakdown:

  • Disc squeaker, crazy crinkle, tough nylon strap, great for pose + play
  • "This dog is chasing his tail to make his opponent dizzy—WHAT A MANEUVER!"
  • Size XS/S + M/L Double Deluxe (Upgrade your account for double the toys, treats, & chews!)

No Fair Folding Chair

 Thrash and fling the softest chair to make a statement!

Toy Breakdown:

  • Disc squeaker, crazy crinkle, great for pose + play
  • The most dramatic way to squash the competition
  • Size XS/S + M/L Double Deluxe (Upgrade your account for double the toys, treats, & chews!)

WWE Chompionship Belt

One, two, three! The human's down and this tug match victory goes to... YOUR DOG!

Toy Breakdown:

  • Smoky-scented rubber center with reinforced nylon straps
  • Raise your pup's paw and declare the tug team title
  • Size XS/S + M/L (Get this exclusive Super Chewer toy via your account Add-To-Box options!)

BARK Eats Treats

Every bag of BARK Eats treats in your BarkBox is approved by a board-certified nutritionist and taste-tested by our most trusted experts: our dogs! They're made in the USA with domestic and imported ingredients, and contain zero artificial preservatives, wheat, corn, or soy. All the flavors, tastes, and textures dogs love, and none of the stuff you don't.

Clean house after the playtime showdown with a monthly BarkBox subscription!

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Samantha Erb

4 months ago

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