14 Auntie’s Day Gifts For The Dog-Loving Aunt

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 26, 2015

July 26 is Auntie’s Day and on this special, slightly obscure day, why not surprise your favorite dog-loving aunt with a fun pup present? Whether the gift is from human nieces and nephews or canine nieces and nephews, this list will cover everything that your aunt could possibly want to make this year’s Auntie’s Day absolutely pawfect!

1. I Love My Auntie Picture Frame, $12.99

What could be better than a photo of your favorite Aunt OR a photo of your favorite dog?…A photo of BOTH, of course!

I Love My Auntie Picture Frame

2. It’s All Fun and Games Mug, $9.99

If you’re a dog lover, you know that this saying is true! It’s all good until someone winds up in the dreaded “cone of shame.” Auntie will surely appreciate this dog humor with her morning cup of java!

It's All Fun And Games Mug

3. Princess Paws flower arrangement, $49.99

Auntie’s Day is a time to celebrate! Treat your Aunt like the princess that she is with this gorgeous Princess Paws floral arrangement. It will brighten her day AND her home!

Princess Paws flower arrangement

4. Animal Wellness Magazine subscription, $24 for 1 year

Nothing is more important to dog lovers than the wellness of the dogs in their life! Give the gift that gives all year long with a subscription to Animal Wellness Magazine!

Animal Wellness Magazine

5. National Canine Cancer Foundation donation, any amount

If Auntie doesn’t have a dog (or even if she does!) but has a heart of gold, make a donation in her honor to the National Canine Cancer Foundation. Your gift will help further the research needed to cure canine cancer.

National Canine Cancer Foundation

6. DII Bone Dry Pet Mat, $7.99

This is a grrrrrreat gift for the neat and tidy Auntie. No more water messes or pieces of food on the floor!

DII Bone Dry Pet Mat

7. BarkShop Bone Jour Tote Bag, $16.00

Spread the dog ruv with this adorable bag. This tote is totes the cat’s meow!

Bone Jour Tote Bag

8. Pet Paw Print Kit, $11.50

This easy-to-do activity air dries so there isn’t any baking, fussing or mess! Give this gift if you think Auntie would like to immortalize her fur-niece or fur-nephew’s paw print forever! 🙂

Pet Paw Print Kit

9. Up Country Dog Caddy, $36.00

This colorful organizational caddy is ideal for storing all of Rover’s beauty supplies. With this caddy, there’d be no way that Auntie would be able to confuse her pup’s poochpaste with her own!

Up Country Dog Caddy

10. Dog Aunt Paw Print Car Magnet, $5.49

Let her scream it from the rooftops (or from the back of her car!) with this paw print dog magnet. She’s a dog-loving Auntie and she’s darn proud of it!

Dog Aunt Paw Print Car Magnet

11. I Love Dogs Pillow, $40.38

They’re comfy, adorable and shout “I love dogs!” What could be better?

I Love Dogs Pillow

12. Cell Phone Case, $39.95

Where there are happy dogs, there are often flying cell phones and screen scratches. 🙂 Protect Auntie’s cell phone with this case from Casetify.

Cell Phone Case

13. Cuddle Clone, $179 and up

This gift is pawbulous if Auntie would like to replicate her own dog OR cuddle with a clone of another dog! Cuddle Clone creations are so true to life. Can you tell which is the dog and which is the clone?

Cuddle Clone

14. Dog Lover Wreath, $65.00

Dog lovers often enjoy displaying their doggy enthusiasm. What better place to do so than right at the front door?

Dog Lover Wreath

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 26, 2015

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