BARK Boredom-Busting Character Toys Available At PetSmart: Meet The Play Pals!

Written by: Lauren Diener

March 13, 2023

Give boredom the BOOP with one-of-a-kind characters made exclusively for your dog’s favorite ways to play! Get yours at PetSmart here (unless you like boredom).

BARK Play Pals PetSmart Collection:


This huggable hunk of a dog toy has an air of mystery that dogs can’t resist. Chonx’s whip-n-flip legs, fluff-filled body, stoic squeaker, and epic mohawk give him a leg up on the playtime competition.


This cute and cuddly multi-legged toy may seem sad, but he just needs some puppy-love! Bollywobble’s spiky squeaker ball, crazy crinkle, whip-n-flip legs, and material medley make him the perfect pick-me-up for your pup.

Mr. Flingum

This dapper donut-shaped toy is the best dressed disc your pup will ever meet. Mr. Flingum’s a tough guy with a durable ballistic nylon cover, whip-n-flip limbs, and crazy crinkle. The old-timer is also stuffed with fluff, so you know he’s really a softy at heart.


This X-shaped toy looks sweet, but has an affinity for the tug life. Jinxie’s the full package with a squeaker, T-shirt rope, lots of fluff, and general X-iness. Plus, she’s willing to cross the line when it comes to her pack.


Is your pup in a playtime slump? This twirly, flirt of a dog toy is the thrashy friend they need for a walk on the wild side! Twirdle’s wild personality, whip-n-flip limbs, hidden rope ball, and crazy crinkle make her the best fling woman out there.


This bug-eyed ball toy is always looking for the perfect pup to play with. Peepers is sure to catch your pup’s eye with his pull-through T-shirt rope, squeaker, and fluff-filled body.


This clingy dog toy has a soft spot for pups that love to cuddle. Squeezle’s long legs are built for whipping, flipping, and (you guessed it) clinging to your pup’s collar with a hook and loop closure. He’s sure to love your dog with his whole spiky squeaker heart.

Wobble & Wubble

This pair of lovable blob dog toys are two sides of the same playtime coin. Wobble & Wubble are double the fun with 2 squeakers, long & strong hair, crazy crinkle, and lots of fluff to talk about at your next slumber pawty.

BARK Super Chewer Play Pals PetSmart Collection:


This friendly disc toy is quite fetching! Munchles features a lightweight squeaker core and tough, rubber-lined twill for durable playtimes that are gentle on your dog’s mouth. While his personality is a little flat, he’s certainly a good catch.


This X-shaped treat dispenser is a total snack (which, if you ask us, is a big plus). Snaxle’s rubber design keeps things interesting with its unpredictable bounce, and it’s dishwasher safe! With a treat-dispensing core, Snaxle promises to keep your pup from feeling peckish—cross his heart.


This is one rubber treat dispenser puzzle that really rolls with the munches. Puzzlo’s dishwasher-safe design pairs a treat-dispensing puzzle core with a wacky bounce to make sure snack time is as stimulating as it is tasty.


This natural rubber tug toy is going to absolutely *flip* when she meets your pup! Thrashley pairs a vanilla-scented ring with a reinforced nylon strap for some top-tier tugging.

Shop the entire collection at PetSmart!

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Written by: Lauren Diener

March 13, 2023

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.