Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch BARK Toys (And A Wearable!) Now Available At Petsmart

Written by: Levi Miller

November 12, 2021

Your Christmas tree isn’t safe, the Christmas dinner is in danger, and the stuffed stockings are basically already gone as The Grinch is making his way back into town. Luckily, your dog will nose their way into saving the day. Bring home Dr. Seuss’ classic just in time for Christmas with this collection of plush toys—from antlers, to roast beast legs, to the Big Green Man himself. Available now at your local Petsmart!

two dogs sharing a Grinch themed toy from BarkBox


Lil’ Grinch

the Lil' Grinch Barkbox toy

What better place to start than the beginning? Before The Grinch found his way up the mountain, he was just a cute little green thing. Don’t worry, his cute squeaking won’t overshadow how adorable the puppy that plays with him will be. Trust me.

Mr. Grrrrinch

the Mr. Grinch Barkbox toy shaped like the Grinch's head

I wouldn’t touch him with a ten-foot pole, but your dog will get real close and chew his way to the bacon-scented squeaker inside. Who knew that the Grinch had bacon for brains?

Max’s Stuffed Stocking

Max's Stocking toy from the Grinch BarkBox collection

Max may look worried now, but he’ll find relief playing with your dog instead of being forced to drive an Uber for someone stealing the biggest holiday of the year. This two-in-one gift gives lots of crinkles and double the amount of squeaks. “Do all of these toys squeak?” Almost all of them, yes.

Grinch’s Sleigh

Santa's Sleigh from the the Grinch themed Super Chewer toy collection

It’s a good thing this Super Chewer sleigh is made entirely of all-natural rubber, as that ride down the mountain is bumpy and rocky. It may not be packed with real gifts, but it can hold treats for your dog to unwrap. And when I say “unwrap,” I mean chew on vigorously until one pops out.

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Max’s Antler

Max's Antler toy from the Grinch Super Chewer Collection

Max’s transformation to reindeer would not be complete without this solid nylon antler that smells like peanuts. That is not a sentence I ever thought I would write.

Grinch Kringle

Grinch Kringle Toy from the Grinch themed BarkBox collection

The man himself. Well, I’m not sure if the Grinch is a man. Or human. Either way, the titular character of Dr. Seuss’ masterpiece comes home for the holidays dressed like Santa. But as you know, he’s not here to give gifts. With lots of crinkles and two squeakers, this Grinch will make quite the racket on Christmas morning.

Best Fiends Tennis Balls

Tennis balls themed like the Grinch and Max from the Barkbox toy collection

Speaking of rackets, the other dynamic duo. Giving a whole new meaning to “let’s bounce” after committing a crime, these two need to make a quick getaway. They won’t get far, with your hound on the chase. And yes, they squeak!

Jolly Mean Giant

Jumbo sized Grinch toy from the BarkBox collection

With a change of clothes and a change of heart (literally three times the change), this jumbo-sized Grinch has found his Christmas spirit! It may look like that upright dog is about to give the Grinch a solid body slam, but it’s actually an excited embrace for the wonderful Christmas miracle that has occurred!

Roast Beast

Roast Beast toy from the Grinch themed Barkbox collection

This may seem like a tease for your furry companion, as this is not actually a hunk of delicious red meat, but is instead a squeaky plush toy filled with fluff. Either way, they’ll be happy to join in on the Christmas feast with you and Mr. Grinch.

Grouchy Slouchy Grinch Costume

A Grinch costume for your dog from the holiday collection at Barkbox

IT’S THE GRINCH! There’s something special about a dog wearing the costume of a character wearing a costume of another character within a story that also has a dog dressed up as a reindeer. While your mind wraps around that previous sentence, I’ll say that this soft and easy to slip on and off outfit might bring out some mischievous behavior, but will mostly create a lot of fun and laughter.

Shop the collection at Petsmart before it heads back up the mountain!

Happy holidays, even to the Grinches.

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Written by: Levi Miller

November 12, 2021

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.


A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.