9 Of The Cutest Halloween Dog Costumes Of 2022 (Including A Costume For Your Dog’s Butt!)

Written by: Elise Remp

September 30, 2022

Dash of dragon wing, and nip of gnome. Smidgen of scally wag, and bushel of… elephant booty? We may have grabbed the wrong witch’s brew recipe… Anyway, here’s some frighteningly cute Halloween dog costumes we think you’ll both love (at least long enough to take a picture).

See the full collection here!

1. BarkBoxed Franzia Wine Costume

This BarkBoxed wine costume from Franzia really has legs—four of them, to be exact. Strap up your pup with the Velcro closure and prepare for a glass of our custom fluff blend served very, very shaken.

Pairs beautifully with the velvety plush mouth-feel of the Cabernet Slobbernon BARK x Franzia toy, fermented with stuffing, squeakers, and a long pour of T-shirt rope. Delivered and aged to perfection in a cardboard box.

BUY HERE: $20 at BarkShop

2. Doggo Dragon Wings

Legend has it that if you tell your dog they have dragon breath too many times, they actually turn into a dragon! Luckily, whenever they’ve had enough of wearing these fly new wings, this costume turns into a thrash n’ tug toy!

BUY HERE: $10-$12 at BarkShop

3. Elephant Booty Suit

Trunk or treat! The costume that gives “junk in the trunk” a whole new meaning. Does your dog’s butt need its own costume? Well, yes… yes it does! But beware, elephants never forget. And this costume is going to be forever haunted by the memory of your dog’s toots.

BUY HERE: $20 at BarkShop

4. Demodog Dress-Pup

Show off your little Demogorgon with this wearable toy! This toy’s squeakers and crazy crinkle will bring out the playtime beast in your pup! Also…. you might want to keep them away from the cat for a little while.

BUY HERE: $10–$14 at BarkShop

5. Gilded Gala Bow Tie

Let’s be real, you want this velcro bow tie so you can show off your dog on TikTok with the sound “Look at this distinguished gentleman. Look at the way he’s sitting. Yasss.”

BUY HERE: $8–$10 at BarkShop

6. Gnomie Homie

This gnome costume dog toy is both wearable and tearable, with its 3 squeakers, super soft fuzz, and crazy crinkle. Dress your dog up in in Gnomie Homie and set up a photo shoot for your little slob hobbit. 

BUY HERE: $13 at BarkShop

7. Hairy Princess

Tails as old as time foretold the days where hairy princesses and fairy dog mothers would reign supreme. Just one wave of this wand and your hairy princess can turn this beagle—ahem, we mean regal costume into a squeakable, shreddable toy!

BUY HERE: $13 at BarkShop

8. Scally Wags Bundle

Once your pup gets their paws on this arrrdorable pirate hat, they may have uncontrollable urges to swab the poop deck, or attempt to plunder this plush parrot’s squeaky treasure. 

BUY HERE: $18 at BarkShop

9. Bark Fin

This killer-cute costume helps land sharks make a splash this Halloween! When the night’s over, your pup won’t want to wait to get their jaws on this Bark Fin costume that doubles as a tug toy!

BUY HERE: $10 at BarkShop

Shop more dog Halloween costumes and goodies at BarkShop!

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Written by: Elise Remp

September 30, 2022

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