Aloha Toy! The “Hawaii Unleashed!” BARK Collection Is Ready To Throw (And Fetch) A Luau At Target This Summer

Written by: Samantha Erb

April 27, 2022

This summer, dogs will be howling “Mahalo!” when BARK takes them on a tropical playcation with the “Hawaii Unleashed!” collection. Lap up the cocomutt refreshments, strum your chew-kelele, and enjoy the lush, plush scenery of island time toys. Welcome to p-lei-time paradise!

Get this limited-time collection in Target stores and online summer 2022!

What’s In The “Hawaii Unleashed!” Collection?

Fetchin’ Squeakshells

Say, “She smells seashells by the seashore,” three times fast. Now say it with three Squeakshells in your mouth… This seashell trio packs a mighty ocean squeak, fluff, and crinkle.

Malichu Rum

The key to a perfect piña droolada is fresh cocomutt milk and lots of Malichu Rum. Go bottoms up with a deep squeaker, fluff, and crinkle!

Hawaiian Humpbark Whale

Every year, Humpbark Whales look forward to migrating from Alaska to their Hawaiian playcation homes, making their deep squeaker whale calls and waving those whip-n-flip fins.

Lele The Nene Goose

Lele the Nene Goose wants to know, “O’ahu’s a good dog?!” Show her a good time with those pull-through t-shirt rope limbs, long and strong hair, and a party-ready squeaker!

Pineapple Fling

You know what they say, “A pineapple a day keeps the doggos at play!” A tuggable t-shirt rope and no messy fluff never hurt, either.

Ahi Tina

Ahi Tina rules the Pacific Ocean. She’s known as the Big Ka-tuna, famous for her squeakin’ material medley and colorful whip-n-flip fins.

Mai Tail

Mai Tail doesn’t need a chaser, but it can make Happy Hour more exciting. Or Happy Hours of play with 2 squeakers, fluff, and whip-n-flip fruit.

Barkidas Sandals

Slip on Barkidas Sandals and feel the sand between your toe beans. Take this pair one step at a time and enjoy the squeaks, crinkle, and fun material medley.

Canned SMEAT

Smutts love SMEAT, the original luncheon lump meat! 2 toys in 1, this duo comes with double the squeakers and a crazy crinkle tin.

Big Wag Beer

There’s nothing like cracking a Big Wag Beer after fetching some waves! It maybe 0 proof, but we make up for it with plenty of fluff, squeaks, and crinkle.

Tropicatch Fruit

Tropicatch Fruit are a must-have for pups who love to squeak, and want to throw (and fetch) a luau.

A-Sno-Ha Cone

Hot dogs lava to chill out with a tropical A-Sno-Ha Cone! Plus, it never melts and hides a bonus spiky squeaker ball inside the super soft fuzz.

Herman The Hermit

Herman the Hermit has the best of both worlds. He gets to explore Hawaii from the comfort of his own home, complete with super stretch, squeaks, and whip-n-flip claws.

Super Chewer Myrtle Sea Turtle

Serious chewers never take a vacation, which is good news for Myrtle’s nylon limbs and durable rubber shell. She’ll never retreat from a good playtime.

Super Chewer Mai Toy

Kick back, roll over, and relax! Dogs that go truly bottoms up will discover a treat-dispensing rubber core beneath this drink’s tough ballistic nylon. It’s strong, but not too strong.

Sandbark Snuffle Mat

Life’s a beach and filled with treats! Hide your dog’s kibble or a few of their favorite treats in this mat’s pockets and folds, and let their snack-scavenging noses do the rest. If you can smell the ocean, you’ve gone too far.

Surf’s up and the hula’s on! Shop the entire “Hawaii Unleashed!” collection in Target stores or at

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Written by: Samantha Erb

April 27, 2022

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.


A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.