Celebrate Independence Play With BARK’s Yankee Doodle Dogs Collection Exclusively At Walmart

Written by: Samantha Erb

April 26, 2022

At BARK, we hold these sniffs to be self-evident, that all Yankee Doodle Dogs are proud to be Americanines! That’s why we’re celebrating Independence Play with a collection starring the Red, White, and Chew.

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BarkBox x Walmart Yankee Doodle Dogs:

Liberty And Justice For Ball

Is your pup feeling fenced in? Liberate them from boredom! Featuring 3 star-spangled, squeaky tennis balls that are perfect for fetching freedom all day long—from the dawn’s early light to the twilight’s last gleaming.

Corn Dog Tug

Join the bite in a tug-o-war to end all tug-o-wars! What are we fighting for? A corn dog, of course! This classic snack is stuffed with fluff and a booming tube squeaker. Grab onto the t-shirt rope and do your doody!

Star-Spangled Squeaks

Let the spirit of playtime shine bright! Each star in this terrific trio contains a squeaker, crazy crinkle, and plenty of stuffing, so the memory of fun will remain on long after they’re de-fluffed.

Yankee Doodle Candy

Your pup is sure to show affection to this confection! This candy is as fun as it is fluffy, and it won’t lead to sticky paws. Dogs who really dig it will find a spiky squeaker bonus toy inside!

Lieutenant Kernel

Butter up your pup with Lieutenant Kernel—he’s packed with enough crazy crinkle for a whole platoon to munch! Chewsy pups will find a spiky squeaker ball bonus toy inside to keep playtime poppin’.

Pup-Pup Fireworks

This dynamic duo will light up your little firecracker with t-shirt rope for tugging, long & strong hair for thrashing, and squeakers for making a whole lot of noise. Do we need to say it? BOOM!

Strawberry Snortcake Pup

This popsicle is not for suckers—it’s a material medley of fluff, crazy crinkle, and a satisfying squeaker! Perfect for photo ops or parading around on a hot summer day. Just look out for brain fur-eezes!

Liberty Cone

Put your pup’s boredom on ice with this sno cone! Packed with fluff and topped with super soft fuzz, it’ll have your pup squeaking until they’re seeing red, white, and chew!

XL Barkweiser

Crack open a squeaky one that’s packed with fluff and brewed with crisp crazy crinkle to refresh your dog’s playtime. Please squeak responsibly!

The Everything Dog

This hot dog comes loaded with all kinds of secret ingredients, especially squeakers and crazy crinkle. But who puts t-shirt rope on their hot dog? Well, us. Now you and your dog can have a tug-o-war match to see who’s the real wiener.

Uncle Duck

This plush rubber ducky wants your pup! Uncle Duck has enlisted crazy crinkle, a squeaker, and plenty of fluff to help support the boops! Join in the playtime effort!

Growlings Baseball Glove

The perfect multi-part toy for pups whose favorite pastime is playtime. Packed with fluff and 2 squeakers that cover all the bases. Let’s knock fun out of the park!

Lots O Licks Truck

This ice cream truck is worth the chase! It’s fully stocked with fluff and a booming tube squeaker, so you’ll hear it rolling in from a mile away. We all squeak for ice cream!

Sploot Beer

This squeaky can of root beer will keep your pup naturally caffeinated, but be careful! Thrash this toy one time too many and you’ll find it’s bursting with fluff.

Founding Funnel Cake

Nothing brings the people together like fried dough! This funnel cake features a material medley perfect for nibbling, thrashing, and fetching. And like the name says, it was founded on the principle that crazy crinkle and a squeaker are self-evidently fun.

Super Chewer x Walmart Yankee Doodle Dogs:

Star-Spangled Slammer

“O say, can you play?” Made of solid nylon, this star is as tough as they come. Plus, it’s scented like American cheese, because shouldn’t everything be?

Rocket Pupsicle

This red, white, and blue popsicle is the perfect sweet treat to help your pup keep their cool. It’s made of solid nylon, so you know it can take a licking, and the paw and jaw design makes it easy for your dog to chill and chew.

Treat Meat Hot Dog

Officially your hot dog’s hottest hot dog dog toy. To be frank, you can spread treats on this bite mark-resistant rubber frank. Plus, the toy helps clean your dog’s teeth, which is probably not true of real hot dogs.


A barbecue-scented ketchup bottle perfect for your condi-mutt. Stuff your dog’s favorite treats inside so they can squeeze even more fun out of playtime.

Get ready to steal a hot dog off the grill and celebrate! Shop the entire Yankee Doodle Dogs collection!

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Written by: Samantha Erb

April 26, 2022

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.