Fetch The Toilet Pupper & Ding-Dog-Ditch With BarkBox’s October “Mischief Mutts” Collection

This box does not arrive until October! You are not guaranteed this theme as your first box—if you would like to receive "Mischief Mutts," please reach out to our Happy team!

The night before Halloween, even the goodest dogs become havoc-wreaking "Mischief Mutts" with BarkBox-approved rotten egg-chucking, toilet paper-tossing, pumpkin-smashing Halloween hijinks!

Don't get caught with egg on your face! Hightail it out of there before the humans see these toys designed by our talented in-house team, two full-size bags of treats, and a meaty chew! Take a look behind the seams into this month's collection:

Ding Dong Dump

This is for the apples you gave out last Halloween!

Toy Breakdown:

  • Squeakers, crazy crinkle, multi-part (2-in-1)
  • Fill this flaming sack of squeaks with treats for a less stinky nose work challenge
  • Size XS/S, M, + L (Chat with our Happy team to add this Extra Toy to your box!)

Practical Yolks

They're a crack-up.

Toy Breakdown:

  • Squeakers, crazy crinkle, multi-part (4-in-1)
  • We like our eggs sunny side up on the hood of the veterinarian's car
  • Size XS + S

Smashing Pupkin

More like a jacked-up-lantern, am I right?

Toy Breakdown:

  • Squeaky pumpkin with crazy crinkle guts
  • No one holds a candle to your dog's destruction
  • Size XS, S, M, + L

Misbeshaving Cream

*sprays CATS DROOL on garage door*

Toy Breakdown:

  • Squeakers, crazy crinkle, & fuzzy "foam"
  • Lather, don't rinse, repeat
  • Size M

Toilet Pupper

When life gives you TP and a big tree, just roll with it.

Toy Breakdown:

  • Packed with fluff, squeakers, + the ghost of potty break's past
  • 100-ply, for your comfort
  • Size L


A sweet reward for a successful night of mayhem.

Toy Breakdown:

  • Squeakers, crazy crinkle, multi-part (3-in-1), treat pocket
  • Double dog dare you to squeak one without puckering
  • Size XS/S + M/L Double Deluxe (Upgrade your account for double the toys, treats, & chews!)

Scaredy Cat

Your bad luck is over when every dog in town wants to play.

Toy Breakdown:

  • Grunt squeaker + crazy crinkle
  • Don't worry, this cat won't hiss, only grunt
  • Size L Size XS/S + M/L Double Deluxe (Upgrade your account for double the toys, treats, & chews!)

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Samantha Erb

3 months ago

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