Inside The BarkBox Design Workshop: Toy Types & Playstyles

Written by: BARK

January 15, 2022

Just like your dog’s wet noseprint, no two BARK toys are exactly the same. Luckily for pups, that means a whole lot of unexpected surprises to dig into to each month—and more joyful moments to share together. Here’s a look into all the different types of toys that go into every BarkBox, and how we understand play from a dog’s-eye view:


The eternal classic, the OG legend, and the ultimate plaything. Throw pillows, slippers, and beloved stuffed animals walked so that BarkBox plush could run, but who knew these soft ‘n’ squeaky faves could be so multifaceted!

Whether your dog likes to fetch, thrash, nibble, shred, squeaker-seek, or just carry them around to cuddle forever, these are the toys that have kept wagging tails coming back for 53,290,152 dog years.


  • Material Medley: crazy crinkle, short to fluffy super-soft plush, rippled corduroy, mesh, dimpled fabric, long ‘n’ strong hair, ballistic nylon & embroidered accents, sherpa, and more!
  • Squeakers: disc squeakers, tube squeakers, half spiky dome squeaker, spiky squeaky ball, deep grunt squeaker.
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Spiky Ball Core

The original hidden toy! This iconic blue ball has a super satisfying squeak and a nubby, spiked surface that must feel great on the gums. Not like we would know. Ok, we know.


  • Hidden rubber spiky squeaky ball beneath an outer plush layer. Let playtime continue!


What’s better than opening a package to find a new BARK toy? Making it plural. These toys join together to make one awesome, functional whole, often with the added bonus of hiding treats!


  • Crazy crinkle, multiple squeakers, great for fetch & treat-hiding.

Toy in a Toy

If the spiky ball core and the multi-part toy had a love child, it would be this. When your dog tears away the outer plush layer, there’s another surprise toy waiting to break free! Thank you, Consuela the Cactus, for paving the way for so many epic rip ‘n’ reveals.


  • A bonus toy inside inside a toy, for dogs who embrace the art of destruction.


For fetching, flinging, and tug-of-war stalemates that only end when your arm gives out, we design a range of toys with ropes, straps, and a variety of shapes and materials.


  • Nylon straps, stretchy bungee, t-shirt rope, and a whole lot of resilience.

Note: toys with rope are an add-on exclusive, so head to your account dashboard to stock the toy bin!

Tennis Balls

Fetch fiends and romance fanatics can indulge in the world’s greatest love story: dogs and tennis balls. We take the classic fuzzy ball and go one step further with fabric accents for grabbing and flinging, and (you guessed it) a squeaker.


  • The fuzzy ball you know and love, with 3D fabric features, fun prints, and a squeak as big as its bounce.

Note: tennis balls are an add-to-box exclusive! Join the VIP Tennis Ball Club in your add-on dashboard for recurring deliveries of a surprising new ball theme every month.

XL Toys

We took all the magic and fun of our plush toys and blew them up 10x their original size. These jumbo counterparts are a match for dogs of all sizes and spirits, and they make great photo ops.


  • May have hidden toys inside, treat-hiding pockets, or multiple parts; all packed with fluff, squeakers, crazy crinkle, and wrapped with a variety of fabric materials.
  • Perfect for Great Danes, hilarious for Chihuahuas.

Note: XL toys are an add-to-box exclusive! Include them in your next box (or a larger, separate one, probably) in your account dashboard.

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Written by: BARK

January 15, 2022

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.