17 Cool Items For Pup Parents Who Enjoy A Good Brewski

Man's best friend? His dog. Man's best brew? Beer. This list will quench every dog loving dude's thirst with items to decorate the man and beast cave, beer inspired costumes for your shaggy haired mascot, and even non-alcoholic dog beer so your tail-wagger can enjoy a coldie with you on a Friday night! After you stock up on all the best goods for beer loving dog dads be sure to take advantage of the step by step tutorial on how to teach fido to fetch a brewski! Best. Trick. Ever. Fur butts up! 1. Printable Chalkboard Art Print$1.50 Words to live by. A dog will never count or judge how many brews his dad has put back. Crack another ale because in dog beers you've only had one! Printable Chalkboard Art 2. Beer Box Costume, DIY Your pup's costume will only cost as much as your 18 rack of Heinekens' this Halloween! Done and done. Pug in a Box 3. Recycled Beer Label Collar$20.00 You can reduce the impact of waste by having your pup rocking your favorite beer in collar form. Custom collars available! Brew ya! Beer label collar 4. Never Drink Alone Tee$9.99 "Never Drink Alone.. Conversation not Required." More words to live by for any guy who loves sharing an afternoon with his best buddy & some suds. Never Drink Alone Tee 5. O'Drools Coasters$3.00 This is man and beast cave decor essentials at its finest. O'Drools Coasters 6. Bark For Beer Dog Collar$19.95 This is genius. Father's day is coming up & this may be the best dog dad gift ever. Beer Dog Collar 7. Sea Dog Beer$8.00 Award winning brews for every taste is what Sea Dog Beer is known for. Barney, a Great Pyrenees was the Sea Dog Brewing Company's apprentice brewmaster and figurehead. Sadly he is now in doggy heaven but his salty spirit lives on in every sip of Sea Dog brews. Sea Dog Beer 8. Old Milwaukee Dog Costume$30.97 Take your Old Milwaukee can with you everywhere with this classy costume for your pooch. Dog Beer Costume 9. Dog Gone Good Beer$10.00 Any avid Wiener dog lover will raise their paws for a Frankenmuth brew! Wiener Dog Beer 10. Paws Lite Dog Toy$9.99 Now you and your furry BFF can relax and enjoy a beer together after a long day. This squeaky Paws Lite bottle will keep your pup happy for hours, he can even take it in the pool! It floats & is intended for playing in the water if that's what Fido feels like! Beer Bottle Dog Toy 11. Dog Beers Koozie$4.99 You can never have enough swag honoring the best motto ever! This beer koozie will keep your suds cold while reminding you that in dog beers you've only had one. Dog Beer Koozie 12. Beer Hat For Dogs$7.00 These Bostons' look like they like to pawty. With beer hats for dogs you can instantly turn your fuzzbutts into mascots for any party you throw! Beer Hat For Dogs 13. Spent Beer Grain Dog Treats, DIY This DIY recipe for homemade spent beer grain dog treats is a great reason to start brewing at home! Another great beer, dog & human collaboration. Beer Dog Treats 14. Bowser Beer For Dogs$20 Bowser Beer is a non-alcoholic beer for dogs.  All natural and made with real meat. For the ultimate man and beast bond order a sixer for your bestie so you can enjoy some hops together this weekend! Bowser Beer For Dogs 15. Hand-Painted Pet-Breed Beer Glasses, $29.00 Another great gift for any beer loving dog dad. These custom hand-painted pup glasses are made to order in the United States and are signed by the artist. Dog Glass 16. Beer Pong Referee For Dogs$19.99 This beer pong referee tee for dawgs is 100% cotton and comes in 5 sizes. Have your pup call the shots at your next tournament! Beer Pong Referee 17. How To Fetch A Beer Guide, FREE Last but not least here is a guide to teach your hound the most necessary trick. How to fetch a brewski! Tails up! Fetch A Beer
Featured image via Sunny Skyz

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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