What Are The Best Car Seat Covers For Dogs?

Driving your pup somewhere for an outdoor adventure can turn any bad day into an amazing one. But without a durable seat cover for your vehicle, that adventure can quickly turn into hours of vacuuming and scrubbing. Unfortunately, our furry friends leave behind dirt, dander, muddy paw prints, and even slobber. Some pups also struggle with sitting still in the backseat. Thus, in order to prevent your car from looking worse for the wear, we've put together a list of the best car seat covers to minimize the mess and help keep your dog safe on the road. Based on a variety of factors, here are the 8 best car seat covers for dogs: Note: Even with barricades to prevent dogs from jumping out windows or into the front seat, you should always tether them to your car's seat belt system with a secure harness. 


Best For Most Dogs

BARKSBAR LUXURY PET CAR SEAT COVER BarksBar Dog Seat Cover First up, we have a non-slip hammock by BarksBar, which is a basic and universal car seat cover. It's designed to fit all cars, SUVs, and trucks, and is made with a waterproof material that won't absorb any bodily fluids from your happy, drooling dog. This cover's installation is also amazingly easy. Each side buckles around your headrests, and anchors stitched beneath the cover get shoved between the seat and backrest to prevent slippage. With this cover, you can also forget the hassle of vacuuming. Instead, just throw it in your washing machine on gentle cycle. The front flap that buckles to the front seat headrests can also be draped onto the floor should any two-legged guests need a lift. WHY WE LOVE IT: - Fits in most cars (standard & extra large sizes) - Waterproof material - Non-slip backing & seat anchors BUY HERE, $26.99-39.99


Highest Rated Hammock

4KNINES DOG SEAT COVER 4knines dog seat cover As a frequent traveler with my pup, I was looking for the best dog seat cover on the market. Made from a heavy duty waterproof material, this higher-end cover is top rated for a reason. In addition to impressive safety features, such as a UV-protected hammock that won't get overly-hot on a sunny day, this cover is also padded for comfort. Plus, although its hammock shape, non-slip backing, and sturdy seat anchors defend against dirt, the cover is also machine washable. There's also a choice of colors: black, tan, or gray. WHY WE LOVE IT: - Lifetime warranty - Free of dyes and chemicals - Easy to install BUY HERE, $59.99


Best For Dog Parents On A Budget

GO BUDDY HAMMOCK STYLE CAR SEAT COVER Go Buddy Car Seat Cover This dog cover might be basic, yes, but keeping your car clean can't get much more affordable. For less than $20, the Go Buddy car seat cover repels water and dirt, and keeps fur off your seats and floors. You can thread your seat belt buckles through conveniently-placed openings, secure the anchors to the seat itself, adjust the straps to fit snuggly around your headrests, and you're good to go. Plus, with this cover, you can choose to wipe up muddy paw prints, or take the easy route and throw the whole thing in the wash. (Just be sure to let it air dry). Isn't it such a nice feeling knowing you won't have to clean your car after a trip to the dog park? WHY WE LOVE IT: - Adjustable and secures easily to seats - Repels water and dirt - Awesome price BUY HERE, $13.99-16.99


Best For Dogs Who Love To Jump

LANTOO WATERPROOF DOG SEAT COVER Lantoo dog seat cover It's always a good idea to keep your pup in the car, as well as preferably in the back seat only. With that in mind, this hammock seat cover is perfect for excited, on-the-move pups. It not only protects dogs from entering the front seat, but it contains side flaps that zip up and hook to the safety handles above car doors. Side-door nail scratches will be a thing of the past. The mesh "viewing window" is also a great feature—backseat riders will be able to see their humans at all times. Overall, with this cover, your car is protected on all four sides (the front seats, back seats, and both back doors). But more importantly, you'll also experience the relief of knowing your pup is staying put. WHY WE LOVE IT: - Side flaps zip up to keep dogs from hanging out the window or scratching doors - Includes mesh viewing area so your dog can still see you - Protection on all four sides BUY HERE, $29.99-37.99


Most Luxurious And Stylish Option

PLUSH PAWS PREMIUM VELVET PET SEAT COVER  Velvet Dog Seat Cover At first glance, this seat cover may seem, well, impractical. Yet, this velvet quilted dog seat cover is durable, waterproof, stain proof, nonslip, and super comfortable. Amazing! With an underskirt, thick straps, and even fasteners that are compatible with (human) baby car seats, this ultra-glam seat cover may be the perfect choice for the more discerning driver. Unfortunately, this cover doesn't have a hammock option though, meaning it won't stop your pup from checking out the front seat. WHY WE LOVE IT: - Stylish look and feel - Highly comfortable option - Heavy-duty straps and seat anchors BUY HERE, $99.99


Other Car Seat Covers We Love

PERFECT PET SEAT COVER Perfect Pet Seat Cover This seat cover is perfect for those looking for a little color change. Available in black, gray, or tan to best suit your car's interior, this cover also maintains all the good stuff we expect from a quality car seat hammock. The pretty quilted material is sturdy, waterproof, and lined on the underside with a non-slip backing. Velcro closures around the seat belt buckle openings make sure no dirt can sneak underneath. Plus, it's easy to install, machine washable (!), and there's a 30-day money back guarantee. You're welcome. BUY HERE, $29.99 DOG GONE DOG CAR SEAT COVER Dog Gone Car Seat Cover Blankets or doggie beds have been known to slip and slide during a drive. Thus, for those concerned for their dogs' comfort and safety, a built-in mat may be the best option. This luxurious, higher-end seat cover includes a soft fleece mat that stays put and adds a bit of luxury to your pup's road trip experience. Dog Gone Dog has also outdone themselves with beige, black, brown, and gray-colored options. This seat cover also fits most vehicles, is machine washable, and has a lifetime guarantee. BUY HERE, $59.95-79.95

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