The Best Crates For Large Dogs

Written by: Jake Wells

November 16, 2021

Finding the right crate for your mini horse of a dog can be a Goldilocks-level task. Too big? Too small? It’s like shopping for a second home, and since your dog can’t exactly browse Zillow for their ideal preferences, it’s up to you to find a crate that fits their size, style, and tail-wagging habits.

picture of a brown dog with a black snout

Crating can be beneficial for puppy potty training, in addition to creating a zen-like den for your dog to rest and rejuvenate. Just as humans appreciate personal space to feel safe and secure, dogs enjoy an enclosure to snuggle up and feel cozy. The ideal dog crate provides a sheltered environment for your pup where they can let their guard down and bask in their own puppy paradise.

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What To Consider When Purchasing A Dog Crate

  • Size
  • Portability
  • Location
  • Comfort
  • Behavior & Habits

Dog crates should be large enough for your dog to stand up and move around, but not so big that they feel entitled to turn the corner into a restroom. Conversely, if a dog crate is too small it will cause your pup to feel cramped, and exacerbate negative feelings and resentment towards their new den.

Also, how portable does your crate need to be? Will you keep it in your bedroom? The living room? All of these specifics should factor into your decision. The same applies to the desired comfort level (will your dog spend a lot of time inside, or just a little?)

Lastly, you need to understand your dog’s temperament, behavior, and habits. Is your dog an Einstein-level genius who can unlatch locks like a criminal mastermind? Perhaps invest in a double-locking crate. Inform your decision by factoring in your pup’s unique characteristics and their environment.

Which Crates Are Best For Large Dogs?

Your dog has specific needs, and so do you! Once you establish your must-haves, consider the crates we’ve suggested below. All crates were in stock and pricing was accurate at the time this article was written.

Best Overall—Frisco Heavy Duty Fold & Carry Dog Crate

Frisco heavy duty crate

This fold & carry heavy duty dog crate is durable, secure, and features enhanced locking technology that provides security in three locations. Includes two doors for your pup to enter and exit, and a soft, comfortable mat for them to lay down their paws after a long day.

The Frisco crate also includes a removable divider panel, which is great for puppies as they grow into adulthood!

BUY HERE, $110.48 from Chewy

Most Portable—Frisco Indoor/Outdoor Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog Crate

Frisco soft sided crate

Looking for a super-portable dog crate that you can also bring outside? Consider the Frisco combo indoor/outdoor soft-sided crate, perfect for on-the-go comfort and wag time. Featuring the same enhanced locking technology as its wire-framed cousin, this soft-sided crate has three zippered doors and mesh doors that can be rolled up for al-fresco ruffing.

Take it in the backyard, the car, or even camping!

BUY HERE, $62.70 from Chewy

Most Versatile—iCrate Double Door Folding Dog Crate

icrate double door crate

Your dog won’t be able to chew through the sturdy metal iCrate! An all-around bark-tastic choice, this crate features double doors, a dog tray, and a portable design that can you collapse and take anywhere.

Throw a blanket on top and create a cozy safe space for your pup so they can retreat, relax, and wind down. Includes roller feet on the bottom so the crate won’t scratch up any hardwood or tile floors. This versatile crate weighs only 22 pounds.

BUY HERE, $61.99 on Amazon

Best Aesthetic—Wooden Dog Crate End Table

wooden dog crate end table

Not only does this crate offer your dog a cozy corner to relax in, but the modern, wood finish makes it an attractive addition to your living space!

Now you can give your dog the canine castle they deserve while also having a new spot to set down a cup of coffee. This is a great crate for the living room, kitchen, or any area in your house that could use some more surface space. Who says dog crates can’t add to the feng shui?

BUY HERE, $279.99 on Amazon

Best For Giant Breeds—MidWest Solutions XX-Large Wire Dog Crate

Midwest solutions extra large dog crate

This XX-Large dog crate is deal for jumbo breeds like Great Danes, mastiffs, or even goldendoodles. Constructed with heavy-duty metal, this sturdy crate assembles via drop pin, and also includes a removable leak-proof plastic pan for the eventual accident.

The layout also features an “L” bar safety feature that prevents the side panels from warping. Give your king-size dog a castle for their colossal frame.

BUY HERE, $189.99 from Chewy

Sturdy & Affordable—BestPet Metal Dog Crate

BestPet metal dog crate

For under $100, you can snag this double door metal crate that’s easy to clean, easy to set up, and portable enough to move around the house or even outdoors. Use it to potty train puppies and provide a warm, secure environment for your dog to den in peace.

Features a convenient handle on top that makes it easy to move from room to room, a stain-proof and smell-proof plastic pan, and a fully integrated lip to prevent spilling outside the kennel.

BUY HERE, $99.77 at Walmart

The perfect crate can go a long way towards improving your dog’s mood, wellness, and sense of security. Upgrade their crate and give your king-size dog a domain they can be proud of!

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Written by: Jake Wells

November 16, 2021

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