What’s The Best Dog Gift For A Girlfriend?

When you’re shopping for a gift for your girlfriend, you probably have a list of go-tos you know she’ll love. But what about your dog? Getting your girlfriend a gift from your pooch is a sweet way to show that it’s more than just you who loves her. But what should you get her? What’s the best dog gift for a girlfriend?

A Framed Photo

Golden Retriever Dog Mix With Bow On Head Your girlfriend knows your dog can’t actually go shopping (or at least we hope she does!). So any gift from your dog is purely sentimental. So why not roll with it and give the most sentimental gift of all? As far as the best dog gift for your girlfriend, you can’t do much better than a framed photo. A photo of your dog, yourself, and your girlfriend will remind her how much you (and your pup!) care every time she looks at it. And showing that you care—isn’t that the point of giving a gift in the first place? Find a great shot of you, your girlfriend, and your dog, get it printed, and put it in a fun frame. Then wrap it with a bow, sign it with love from your pooch, and watch her heart melt.

A Personalized Present From Your Pooch

Custome Dog Sweatshirt Your dog is so cute, they might as well be a work of art. And if you shop on Etsy, you can actually make them into one—and then give that work of art to your girlfriend. Etsy is full of personalized, one-of-a-kind dog gifts that your girlfriend will love. The hardest part is choosing just one! Want to get her something to stay warm this winter? These custom dog socks or illustrated dog sweatshirt will do the trick. Want to give her something to spruce up her home? This custom pet portrait will add some much need color to her space—and showcase your dog as the work of art they are! The point is, there are TONS of personalized pet products - from socks to hoodies to illustrations and just about everything in between - on Etsy. And giving your girlfriend a gift from your dog that’s actually personalized with your dog? It’s a slam dunk every time.

Something Matching

Matching pajamas When you're shopping for the best dog gift for a girlfriend, you want people to know who the gift is from. And getting your girlfriend and your pup something matching is great way to make sure that happens. Giving your girlfriend a matching article of clothing from your pooch—whether it's a t-shirt, a pair of pajamas, or a cozy scarf—is not only adorable, but the fact that they'll be twins when they wear them will make it clear to just about anyone who the gift is from. (If you want to be extra cute, make sure to get yourself something to match, too!)

Gifts For Dog People

Bucketfeet Bark & Co Shoodles Is your girlfriend just generally dog-obsessed? Consider getting her one of BarkShop's many Gifts For Dog People. Try out the Bark & Co Bucketfeet Shoodles, which are comfortable and covered in fashionable dog illustrations. There's also these Dog Doodle Socks, this Dog People Get It tote bag, and this Convertible Dog Float Bundle for the pool. Basically, your girlfriend will be broadcasting to the world how much she loves dogs, which is a good thing, in our opinion.

The Gift That Keeps Giving: BarkBox

Dog With BarkBox There are certain gifts that are a win for your girlfriend and your pup - like BarkBox. When you gift a BarkBox, your girlfriend will get a carefully curated selection of high-quality toys, treats, and chews delivered to her house each month. Then she can share them with your pup - and she’ll quickly become your pup’s favorite person. Which, let’s be real, is the best gift of all. Gift a BarkBox to your lady friend and send it from your pup today. Your dog and your lady friend will thank you! (PS--Sign up here and receive a free extra toy every month. <-- This deal is worth up to $120 in value if you sign up for a 12-month subscription! :))

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Hope Bobbitt Writer

3 years ago

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