What Are The Best Dog Toys For Dobermans?

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 21, 2018

Looking for cool dog toys for your playful pup?

Anyone who’s had a Doberman Pinscher encounter can testify that they’re full of love. It’s often said that they’re afraid of their own shadow. Whether or not this is the case with your own pup, we can all agree that Dobermans have their own style of play. There is nothing they love more than a good interactive game of tug of fetch, or even an acrobatic lesson.

While keeping them busy is a necessity, sometimes finding the right toys can be a little difficult. Our pup-lovin’ toy experts went to work on finding the toys best for your Dobie. If your dog is begging for a new toy (and why wouldn’t they be?), definitely give these a try:

Nylon Bones

Peanut Butter Pawplexer

Does your Doberman love to chew? If they do, Nylon bones are a necessity. And while just chomping away at them might be great, the “Benebone Pawplexer” adds a little bit of a challenge to both snacking and chomping.

Super Chewer Toys

It’s no secret your Doberman has some tough chompers. They could even be called ‘Super Chewers.’ And if that’s the case then Super Chewer toys are a must have for your boy or girl. Toys like “Max the Marching Penguin” are perfect for your chewer and can even be stuffed with their favorite treats. What’s better than playing and snacking? Uh, nothing, that’s what!

Pit Bull with BarkBox Super Chewer Ilana the Iguana

If for some reason your Doberman is on a diet then a treat dispensing toy might not be the best option. A toy like “Ilana the Iguana” combines the fun bounce of rubber while providing a little nylon chew to go with it.

If the silent toys aren’t quite your pack’s thing then toys like the “Sledgehog” have your back. Not only is this toy a bouncin’ good time, it can provide endless hours of squeaks for your Doberman.

Get Fetchin’

Barkshop best balls ever

If your Doberman seems to have endless energy then a long game of fetch can be beneficial for the both of you. There are many different Fetch Toy options to make sure that the game of fetch is the most fun for your pack. While classic tennis balls can do the trick, why not add a little more to the fun. The “Best Balls Ever” add an extra squeak to your pup’s fetch.

If chewing is a necessity at all times then tennis balls might not last very long. Stick to rubber balls like “Gobble Gobble Gus.” The Super Chewer rubber is not only fun and adds some extra bounce to your throws, it is meant to withstand the biggest of chomps.

Become The Tug of War Chompion

Bulldog BarkShop BarkBox microphone toy

Are you in the need for a good arm workout? Tug of war with your Dobie is just the toy you need. “Shuck n’ Chuck Corn Cob” and “Drop the Mic” are a little more than your classic Tug Toy. They provide the perfect amount of grip for your pup to hold onto while still letting them tug and thrash to their heart’s content.

Super Chewer BarkBox

A monthly surprise of toys, yummy treats and chews is great for your spoiling your furry family member. The Super Chewer BarkBox offers durable toys for your Doberman while still providing new and exciting products. Each month the box will contain 2 Super Chewer toys, 2 bags of treats and 2 chews, a massive value for as little as $29 a month.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 21, 2018

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.