What Are The Best Toys For Puppies?

Written by: Paige Towers

November 5, 2018

So you’re looking for the best puppy toys?

Once puppies start chewing, it seems like they always have something in their mouths. Seeing as you likely don’t want that something to be your new sneakers or a kitchen table leg, it’s best to have a variety of toys around the house to keep their attention.

With safety, fun, and your favorite pair of leather shoes in mind, here is a list of toys perfect for your new family member:

Multipart Toys

It’s no secret that puppies are full of energy- some might even call it endless. Multipart toys similar to Andi’s Famous Plush Dumplings or Johnny Apple Squeaks are perfect no only for small pups, but can also continue to be their favorite toy as they grow. The smaller pieces are perfect for a fun game of fetch or hide n’ seek. The larger piece can hide treats, or put together for a mix of all three.

Spiky Core Toys

Spiky core toys like Penny the Pineapple or Monsieur Acorn can provide long lasting fun for both you and your pup. These toys combine all of the fun of fabric toys but feature a spiky core which is perfect for holding up to those puppy chompers. The outter layer can be ripped away to reveal a fun spiky core for your pup. What could be better than that?

Rubber Treat Dispensing Toys

The last thing anyone wants is to find their puppy nibbling on their Italian loafers. Rubber treat dispensing toys can definitely help combat that desire to chew and turn those sharp puppy teeth elsewhere. The best part about treat dispensing toys like Bijou’s Glass of Bubbly or Cooper’s Candig Camera is filling them with your pup’s favorite treats, mixed with some yogurt (or your pup’s favorite liquid) and frozen.

Fetch Toys

Best Toys for Puppies

All dogs, including puppies enjoy a good game of fetch. It’s perfect for some quality time and will burn off some of that extra puppy energy. Toys like the Best Balls Ever come in different sizes so as your pup grows their favorite toy can grow along with them.

Tug Toys

Best Toys for Puppies

Keep your puppy interested with the classic game of Tug o’ War. The Rope Pretzel Toy is perfect, not only for a game of tug but also if your puppy wants some chewing time to themselves.


Best Toys for Puppies

Whether your puppy is a destroyer or is just a lover of toys and treats, a BarkBox is perfect for your furry family member. A monthly delivery of toys, treats and chews are enough to keep that tail waggin’ time and time again. It’s the best way to find out what kind of toys your puppy enjoys the most and what kind of treats they can’t get enough of.

If the classic toys aren’t quite tough enough for your chewsy puppy the Super Chewer BarkBox is the perfect fit. Featuring 2 of the most durable toys we have to offer, 2 yummy bags of treats and 2 chews your dog will go wild for.

Written by: Paige Towers

November 5, 2018