What Are The Best Dog Toys For Weimaraners?

Written by: Savannah Lyons

February 14, 2019

What are the best dog toys for the Weimaraner in your life?

Weimaraners are an adorable combo of high energy and intelligence contained in sleek gray bodies. The Weims were originally known as popular hunting dogs in Germany. These strong and elegant pups desire constant attention and stimulation. First-time dog owners and apartment dwellers should think twice before welcoming a pup from this very demanding breed into their home.

These extremely loving pups are happiest when with their humans and can often be found at the owner’s side or lying at their feet. The worst mistake a Weimaraner’s owner can make is to leave this pooch to their own devices. Weimaraners are rambunctious, like most intelligent dogs, and they are motivated by prey. Although they’re domesticated, the hunting instinct could always be in their nature and cause them to be a handful! They may try to test boundaries to see what their human will allow, which could be very frustrating.

Don’t worry, though – toys are a great way to burn off that energy and give Weimaraners the quality time they crave. So, what are the best toys for your “Grey Ghost”?

Fetching Fun

Terrier Dog with BarkBox Orbee Globe Fetch Ball

Weimaraners have boundless energy and tons of stamina. Exercise is a top priority when it comes to this highly active breed. These dogs will always prefer to be outside where they can stretch their legs and run around until their hearts are content.

Allow your furry one to let loose with a good game of fetch. Put a spin on the traditional with tennis balls that also squeak, like the “Best Balls Ever.” You can let your Weim tap into its hunting nature with “Launchable Landon” or play fetch at night with glow in the dark toys like the “All Glowing Eye.”

Super Chewer Toys

dog with toy in mouth

Weimaraners have strong jaws. These powerful maws are needed to hunt down forest prey, so it’s no wonder your pooch is making short work of the plush toys. Rubber based toys will be sure to give your pup more of a challenge and would last much longer than the fluff filled variety.

KONGS and Super Chewer Dog Toys like “Meghan’s Mug of Cocoa” are great for this breed. They’ll be fun to chew and the rubber makes them last longer than other toys. These bouncy and durable toys are also (often) treat dispensing, which will keep your pal occupied for a while. Toys with texture, such as “Sven the Sweater Hedgie,” are great chew items for your pup since they massage the gums, are made of stronger material, and aren’t easy prey like the plush toys.

Tug Toys

Channel your Weim’s energy and time constructively with a fun game of tug. This breed loves to pounce on anything furry that looks similar to prey. Toys like “Mouse Click” help scratch that itch and make tug a little more exciting! The rubber ball covered in fur hanging from a nylon rope will definitely get your pal’s tail wagging! Rope toys are an easy go-to and the “Rope Pretzel” puts a slight twist on the classic by covering the rope with nylon for the best game of tug-of-war.

Thinker Toys

Dachshund Wiener Dog With BarkBox Puzzle Toy Tornado

It’s always great to have a Thinker Toy on hand, especially on rainy days when you’re housebound. Keep your Weimaraner’s mind busy by challenging them to seek out a drool-worthy treat. Most dogs are easily motivated by food and dog puzzles, like the “Dog Casino Puzzle,” and treat-dispensing Thinker Toys such as the “Treat Lock Tread Ball” will make sure your Weimaraner is using their vast intelligence constructively.

Don’t Forget The Super Chewer BarkBox!

Super Chewer BarkBox

Finding the perfect toy for your dog isn’t always easy, especially with a demanding Weimaraner. Your super smart Weim will quickly get bored with toys and want to move on to the next one within a few weeks. No worries, BARK has you and your pooch covered with the Super Chewer box starting at $29 per month.

Each month a carefully curated box comes straight to your door with 2 durable (non-fluff) toys, 2 all natural chews, and 2 bags of yummy treats! With the ability to tailor the Super Chewer box to your pal, the monthly variety will surely be a great fit for you and your Grey Ghost. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the BARK Happy team with any questions on or with email at [email protected]. BARK is always happy to help you spoil your pup!

Featured image via Pedro Lozano/Flickr

Written by: Savannah Lyons

February 14, 2019

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