What Are The Best Fetch Toys For Large Dogs?

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

December 11, 2018

So you wanna run with the big dogs? Your big dog, to be exact. OK, maybe you don’t want to run. You just wanna throw something and watch them go get it. That’s cool.

But what do you do if your German Shepherd can pop a tennis ball like it’s a bubble? Or your Bullmastiff’s chompers ensure that all of his squeaker toys will only squeak the once?

Not to worry. We’ve sought out the best fetch toys for large dogs. Just sit back and allow us to retrieve those for you.

Spiky Ball Core Toys

Don’t let the word “plush” deter you. The right plush toy can make for a great game of fetch with your big dog. Take, for instance, BARK’s Spiky Ball Core Toys. These toys have an irresistible spiky squeaker ball hidden beneath a layer of fabric and (sometimes) fluff that make many of them great for throwing, catching, and thrashing!

Lady Liberty Spiky Core BarkShop Barkbox

BARK’s Lady Liberty Ball, a Pack favorite, comes in size large with a 4.75” inch diameter to make sure your big pup gets a mouthful. And the fabric edges are perfect for them to latch their chompers onto when they want to swing their “prey” with pride!

Good ‘Ol Balls

Nowhere (other than in an AC/DC song) are big balls more appropriate than in the toy box of a large breed dog. If your pup loves to play fetch, you’re going to want a ball that’s large enough to avoid any risk of choking. If a standard tennis ball size won’t do, or if your pup is a chewer, not to worry. We’ve got some options for you!

Terrier Dog with BarkBox Orbee Globe Fetch Ball

If you’re looking for something larger than a tennis ball, but that can also stand up to some chewing, why not try what industry experts are calling the “world’s best dog ball?” We’re of course talking about the “Orbee Globe Ball.” The 100% non-toxic material here is tough and bouncy, to give your dog a challenge, and you can even hide treats inside for a playtime bonus!

Looking for a large ball for your large breed that you don’t have to throw? You can kick playtime into high gear with the Chuckit! Kick Fetch Ball! Made of rubber, EVA foam, and polyester, you’ll have no trouble kicking this ball high and far! And while it measures a whopping 7.5” in diameter, its deep ridges make it easy for your dog to catch and grip. It’s also great for water play!


Perhaps your big dog prefers to catch rather than chase. If the sight of a frisbee sailing through the air gets that tail wagging, we’ve got you covered!

Zisc Flying Disc is soft on doggy mouths yet built for tough play. This pliable, floatable disc has curled in edges making it easy for both dogs and humans to grip, and can withstand moderate chewing. The large size measures 8.5” in diameter.

If you and your dog are looking to make a little noise at playtime, Kong’s Squeezz Ring will do the trick! This tubular toy has a recessed squeaker which makes for super-fun (and safe!)  squeaky, bouncy games of fetch. Plus, the squeaks will continue even if it is punctured! The large size measures 6” in diameter and is made of durable non-toxic material.


Call them old fashioned, but some dogs can’t resist the urge to fetch a good old stick. We can’t say we blame them. Who doesn’t love a game of pick up sticks? However, as chewing on sticks can cause multiple health issues, it’s best to explore some of the safer alternatives that exist. Let’s take a look!

It may look like a stick, but Outward Hound’s Petstages Dogwood toy sure doesn’t feel like one. That’s because this durable dog chew was made to be gnawed on. It even contains a natural wood flavor and texture pups love. The large size is 10.5” long for dogs 50 lbs. and over.

Want something with a little more color? Kong’s Squeezz Crackle Stick comes in a variety of bright sparkly colors and boasts a unique and enticing crackle sound that’s sure to get your big pup going. It also has an erratic bounce that will keep your dog engaged. The large size is 13” long.

Super Chewer BarkBox

Pup with Super Chewer Bark Box

If you want durable Fetch Toys on the regular, look no further than the Super Chewer BarkBox! Every month, 2 original super-tough toys (often very fetchable), 2 bags of delicious treats, and 2 meaty chews will be delivered straight to your door for as little as $29. That’s a steal, considering what comes in the box is worth well over $45. And best of all, your large dog will have plenty of toys they’ll want to fetch for you because, gosh darn it, you’re their human!

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

December 11, 2018

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.