13 Best Gifts For Dog Lovers Under $10

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 24, 2019

You’re a dog lover (you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t!). And that means you probably have a few (or, let’s be real, more than a few) other dog lovers in your life. And there are going to be occasions—whether that’s a birthday, an adoptiversary, or a holiday—where you want to gift that dog lover something special.

But “something special” doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg (or a leg and a paw!). With so many online shopping options, you can absolutely find the perfect gift for any of the dog lovers in your life—for $10 or less.

Sound too good to be true? Let’s take a look at some of the best gifts for dog lovers under $10:

1. A Custom Dog Tag

Looking for something that will really stand out to the dog lover in your life? This custom dog tag is the perfect way to show you care (about them and their pup). For just $9.50 on Etsy, these Handstamped Dog ID Tags are a great gift.

2. A Dog Raincoat

Help prevent that wet-dog smell with this waterproof and reflective raincoat! The REXSONN Pet Raincoat is the gift for the adventurous dog lover in your life- who doesn’t let the weather put a stop to their adventures. 

3. A Personalized Dog Decal

Dog owners love anything personalized with their pets face. T-shirts, socks, mugs, you name it—if it has their pet’s face plastered on it, it’s an instant hit.

Personalized dog gifts can be expensive, but there are definitely bargains to be found! This custom vinyl car decal (which is a bestseller on Etsy and a real steal at $8) will take any photo—including dog photos—and turn them into a personalized decal to slap on the back of a car. This is the perfect gift for any dog lover who wants to take their dog (or at least a sticker of their dog!) with them wherever they go.

4. Dingbert the Dragon

dingbert the dragon

Dingerbert the Dragon is the perfect addition to any toy collection!  With two squeakers inside (one in the plush-filled head and one in the plush-free body) and super-crinkly wings that are great for whipping and thrashing, a pup can really hear Dingbert’s ferocious roar in the midst of a tussle. For just $9.99 at Target, this plush dragon toy will make any dog feel like the hero of his own story!

5. A Dog Frame

Do you know someone who just can’t stop snapping photos of their pup? You know the person we’re talking about. It doesn’t matter where they are—the dog park, their backyard, even the grocery store—they just can’t help whipping out their phone every 30 seconds to capture another moment with their pup.

If you know someone who’s entire camera roll is filled with dog photos, a dog-friendly picture frame (like this Happy Tails Photo Frame, which is currently on sale for $8.49 at will give them an opportunity to showcase their favorite puppy pic.

6. Personalized Dog Bandanas

Give the gift of style with this adorable personalized dog bandana! Priced at  $9.99 this great deal allows you to choose a color and monogram it with the name of the furry friend you’re purchasing it for! Bound to make any dog or dog lover in your life happy.

7. A Dog Charm

dog charm

Charm bracelets are all the rage right now. And if you know a dog owner who also happens to rock a charm bracelet, you’re in luck! There are TONS of dog charms on the market, and you can score a personalized charm for just about every breed under the sun on Etsy for less than $5 (like this Dachshund Charm Set for $2.90, or this Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Charm for $4.90, or this Chihuahua Charm for $2.50).

8. K9 Chill Dog Cooling Collar

K9 Chill Dog Cooling Collar

There’s a reason we call them our furry friends, and with all that extra hair it’s easy for a pup on-the-go to get overheated. For the dog lover who loves the heat, keep their furry-friend cool this summer with the K9 Chill Dog Cooling Collar. On Amazon for $9.99, this breathable dog cooling collar will keep a pup cool so they can continue to have fun under the sun.

9. A Holiday (Or “Howliday”) Ornament

The holiday season is also the gift-giving season. Chances are, you’ll have more people to buy gifts for during the holidays than you do the rest of the year combined!

If you want to gift a dog lover something that will warm their heart over the holidays, this custom dog ornament (which is just $8 on the Etsy) is perfect—which comes customized with the dog’s name!

10.Dog Toys

If you’re shopping for a dog lover, there’s no better gift you can give them than making their dog happy. And one of the most foolproof ways to put a smile on their dog’s face? A new dog toy!

There are TONS of dog toys out there for $10 or less. You can go for a plush toy (like Johnny Apple Squeaks, which will run you $10, or the Lady Liberty Ball or Pete The Frankly Fantastic Unicorn), a super chewer toy (like the Treat Lock Tread Ball, which is $10), or a tug toy (like Cunning Colin  or Freenie Fan for $7.50). It doesn’t really matter what kind of toy you get, because the real gift? That’s the joy they’ll feel when they see how much fun their pup is having playing with it.

If your dog lover’s pup isn’t big into toys, a great alternative? Dog treats (because, let’s be honest—you’d be hard-pressed to find a dog who’s not head over paws about treats!).

BARKSHOP has a huge selection of dog treats (like The Snackening and Franken Snacks)—and they’re all just $5.

11. Doodled Dogs: Dozens of clever doodling exercises & ideas for dog people

Doodled Dogs: Dozens of clever doodling exercises & ideas for dog people

Bring out the creative side of the dog lover in your life with this Doodle Dog Book of Doodling Exercises and Ideas. Inspired by many different dog breeds, this step-by-step guide lets the reader become an artist in a few simple flicks of the wrist! On Amazon for just $7.94, making it the perfect gift when you’re not trying to break the bank.

12. A Dog Calendar

It’s important to mark the passing of time. And while you could just look at the calendar on your phone, that’s not much fun—especially when you could be looking at a dog calendar.

Dog calendars (like the  Unlikely Friendships Mini Wall Calendar, which is available on Amazon for $7.99 or Just Boston Terriers 2019 Wall Calendar, which you can snag for just $1 more) are a great, affordable gift for any dog lover; not only will it help them mark the passing of time and keep track of important dates, but it will also give them a brand new dog to hang on their wall every month. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving all year round!

13. A Dog Pen

I like dogs more than people

If you have someone in your life who’s hard to shop for, getting them a gift that’s too personal can be risky. You need something that’s universal—something that everyone can use.

And what’s more universal than the one item you can be guaranteed to find in everyone’s home, office, or bag—a pen?

You’re not going to want to give someone a nondescript ballpoint pen as a gift, but a fun, dog-themed pen—like this “I Like Dogs More Than People” Stationary Pen, which you can score for $5.49 on the Handmadebyswans Etsy Shop—would make a great gift for any hard-to-shop-for dog enthusiasts in your life.

The Best Gifts For Dog Lovers Come From The Heart

Shih-Tzu and Human

You don’t have to spend a ton of cash to get the perfect gift for the dog lovers in your life (we did just cover some of the best gifts for dog lovers under $10 the internet has to offer!). All that matters is that the gift comes from your heart.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find the “paw-fect” gift for the dog lover in your life—and find it for $10 or less!

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 24, 2019

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