The Best (Nearly) Indestructible Dog Toys Of 2022

Written by: Samantha Erb

March 22, 2022

Presumably, you’ve just searched for “indestructible dog toys.” Your dog sits upon a throne of massacred playthings, a crown of defeated plush atop their head. Fortunately for dogs, indestructible toys simply don’t exist. If they did, they would be considered quite dangerous to chew.

Judging the likelihood that a dog toy will be dangerous for your dog depends in part on the dog itself. If your chewer manages to destroy the toughest toys in record time, or they’re able to tear chunks out of thick rubber, you might need to engage them in other ways (like walks, agility courses, or other activities) to avoid a trip to the vet.

How Do I Make Dog Toys Last Longer?

Even the toughest nylon toys get bite marks, and that’s by design. It’s normal for rough or sharp areas to form as dogs chew on hard nylon, and those areas could cause damage to the mouth or gums if you don’t sand down the problem patches (we recommend using a Dremel). Feel free to do this a few times unless and until your dog begins removing chunks, at which point you need to discard the toy.

Another way to extend the life of your dog’s toys is to choose ones that don’t rely on chewing as the main function. Whether that’s a treat-dispensing puzzle toy, a fetch toy, or a toy designed to pair with peanut butter or other spreadable treats, getting your dog to focus on non-chewing play will certainly keep toys around longer.

The Best (Nearly) Indestructible Toys For Heavy Chewers

Introduce your dog to any of these toys for a safer, longer-lasting playtime!

Best Overall—BARK Super Chewer Subscription

a super chewer box full of dog toys

Designed by dog people, for dogs who don’t know when to quit. Customize your 100% fluff-free box with your dog’s favorite things, and get double the toys, treats, and chews FREE in your first delivery. Plus, BARK replaces any toy for free, no questions asked.

BUY HERE, starts at $30/month from Super Chewer

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Best Aesthetic—Fable Falcon Toy

Falcon dog toy from Fable

This falcon claw-shaped treat dispenser has a variety of openings to accommodate both treats and peanut butter. It even interlocks with multiples of its kind to keep the fun going (and it’s available in lots of fun colors!).

BUY HERE, $10.17+ from Fable

Best For Outdoor Play—Jolly Pets Romp-N-Roll Ball

Jolly Pets romp and roll ball

These balls’ larger cousins are a hit with horses, and the dog-friendly version includes rope that makes it perfect for tug, fetch, and just flinging around the yard.

BUY HERE, $10.17+ from Amazon

Best For Serious Chewing—Benebone Wishbone

Benebone wish bone

Whatever your dog drools for, these tough nylon chew toys are infused with 100% real bacon (or chicken, or peanut butter), with a unique shape that’s easy for dogs to grip and grab.

BUY HERE, $9.65+ from Amazon

Best For Dogs Who Love Plush—BARK Super Chewer “Hairwolf”

Super chewer "hairwolf" toy

This hard core toy takes more than a full moon to transform. Tear away the fluff-free plush exterior to reveal a beef-scented natural rubber core, with ridges perfect for peanut butter.

BUY HERE, $12.99+ from BarkShop

Best For Frozen Treats—West Paw Zogoflex Tux

Westpaw Zogoflex toy

Get tough chewers engaged in less destructive ways—the Tux features a hidden compartment for treats so dogs can bounce, nudge, and snuffle to their heart’s content. You can also fill with low-sodium chicken broth and freeze!

BUY HERE, $17.92+ from Amazon

Best For Tug—Wild One Triangle Tug

Wild one triangle tug dog toy

This tug toy takes two—the rubber triangle with a reinforced core interlocks with natural cotton rope for added texture and even more strength for pulling.

BUY HERE, $15+ from Wild One

Best For Fetch—BARK Super Chewer “Comet”

super chewer comet dog toy

Durable all-natural rubber means your fetch arm can’t quit before your dog does. They’ll have a blast with this ball’s erratic bounce and strong-jaw squeaker!

BUY HERE, $12.99 from Petco

Best For Feeding Meals—Starmark Treat Dispensing Bob-A-Lot

Starmark treat dispensing toy

Give your dog’s jaw a break and put their nose to work instead. Load up the Bob-A-Lot with your dog’s favorite treats or kibble, adjust the opening for more or less difficulty, and let them go to town.

BUY HERE, $10.08+ from Amazon

Best For Larger Treats—Orbee-Tuff Snoop

Orbee tough snoop dog toy

Turn the rubber Snoop toy inside out to fill with treats, pop it back into shape, and give it a roll. It’s bouncy, rewarding, and another fun way to feed your pup’s meals in smaller portions if they tend to gobble their food too quickly.

BUY HERE, $16.99 from Amazon

Best For Chews—BARK Super Chewer Vortex

Super chewer vortex dog toy

This ball holds its own! Chew, that is. Insert your dog’s favorite chew through the center of this tough rubber orb (or smear with peanut butter) and chuck it. The strong-jaw squeaker is just an awesome bonus.

BUY HERE, $17 from REI

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Written by: Samantha Erb

March 22, 2022

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.