The Top 10 Best Dog Toys Ever, According To More Than 500,000 Real-Life Dogs

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 26, 2018

So you’re looking for the top 10 best dog toys ever, that sounds pretty rad.

You know what’s also rad? Your dog. We know you won’t deny it. Dogs are at their best when they’re happy, and we’d like to think we have a little something to do with that.

BARK has tested the widest variety of toys from the largest number of manufacturers, among the most ginormous selection of dog breeds, sizes, and personalities than anyone else. Our own toy testers work day and night to make sure everything is worthy. If that means we relinquish the ability to see our floors (and couches, and beds) beneath the thick carpet of plush and squeakers, so be it. Parquet is overrated anyway.

We have to be strict when our standards are so high. Once a toy drops, the analysis begins. Is it a one sniff and done? Gone. Left under the couch with no desire to retrieve? Sorry, pal. We’ll do anything in the name of happy dogs. In fact, we have a squeaker library (you read that right) to rival Beauty and the Beast. And we test these squeakers like fine wines until we find the best ones for each toy. ANYTHING. Well, except pull that colored thread out of their butt when some of it makes the trip down Digestion Avenue. That’s all you.

Take a look at the Top 10 best-sellers as tested by hundreds of thousands of dogs over 7 years and hundreds of toys, all guaranteed to be your pup’s new BFF.

10. Andi’s Famous Dumplings

Inspired by our hopeless love for sodium and steamed meat, Andi’s Famous Dumplings are exactly what you want to receive when you order Chinese takeout at 3AM in New York City. Sadly, those dumplings almost never have such happy expressions. Each plush dumpling has a fluff-and-squeaker filling that’s perfect for even the tiniest mouths, and each is nestled in a crinkly carton.

Pups loved these little guys so much, we decided to play with materials and roll out nylon dumplings, too! For the sharp of teeth and rough of play, the tougher exterior adds a bit of a challenge. Andi’s Dumplings (in 3 sizes!) made their debut in the original 2015 NYC BarkBox, and are now available in Target stores and on!

Get Andi’s Famous Dumplings here!

9. Consuela The Cactus

Consuela is and will forever be a legend. She and her smug little smile debuted in our 2017 The Good, The Bad, & The Pugly BarkBox, which featured a host of wild western characters. But Consuela the Cactus stole the show and is now a frequent BarkShop sell-out. Unbeknownst to dogs and their humans, once Consuela’s prickly exterior is torn away, a sadder, smaller cactus makes her grand entrance.

And inside tiny Consuela is the ever-popular spiky ball. It’s basically the cutest version of Russian nesting dolls you’ll ever find. Dogs may not find the humor in her winky-face, she’ll still be the last one laughing.

Get Consuela the Cactus here!

8. Lady Liberty Ball

More than 1700 reviews and 4.5 stars don’t lie, especially when they’re from dog parents or really talented dog typists. The Lady Liberty Ball features the classic spiky ball beneath a soft fabric coating. The nubs are oh-so tantalizing, and it becomes an exciting new toy if pups manage to remove the outer layer.

The Liberty Ball is also another member of the OG New York City collection, and comes in 3 sizes to be squeaked by many a muzzle. Plus, it’s 100% plush-free so humans can focus on the fun and less on the cleanup. It’s a puppy-pleaser from to Target stores!

Get the Lady Liberty Ball here!

7. Brownie The Happy Poo

He’s not chocolate ice cream, but you definitely won’t need to turn your poop bags inside-out to pick him up. Brownie was aptly named for his rich, healthy color (we dog people are poop experts), and he entered this world with a collection of emoji toys. But like the dedicated Poop Corner in your yard, this guy’s still here.

Brownie is a hit with larger dogs who can get their chompers around his squeaker, stuffing, and crinkle material, and with humans who don’t mind when poop hits the fan. And the walls, and the carpets.

Get Brownie the Happy Poo here!

6. Full O’ Fluff Piñata

The Full o’ Fluff Piñata, a.k.a. Rainbow Donkey, is so much fun at parties. It’s not filled with candy, but it is chock full of fluff and squeakers and comes with a loop on top so you can hang it. It swung onto the scene as a part of BarkShop’s Party Animal Collection along with tons of toys, treats, and decorations to make your dog’s birthday the real deal.

Long, shreddable hair and a streamer tail make for one heck of a good time, and tearing through the multi-colored exterior just seems natural.

Get the Full o’ Fluff Piñata here!

5. The Adorable Snowman

He won’t make lemon snow cones, but The Adorable Snowman has plenty of redeeming qualities. You have but to look beyond his toned stomach and unruly body hair to see what’s on the inside. And that is the rare but beloved grunt squeaker—deeper-sounding than the classic squeaker and easier on the ears.

Originally appearing in winter of 2015, dogs received this super soft snowman sans top hat, and they weren’t even disappointed when he didn’t start singing. Many pup parents even write that their dogs love him so much, they carry around the stuffingless shell like an old friend.

Get The Adorable Snowman here!

4. Benji The Bouncing Tiger

The circus came to visit many of its canine fans, complete with elephants, bearded ladies, and Benji the Bouncing Tiger. We asked if he’d rather play tug or jump through rings of fire, and he sprouted a bungee body that stretches for days. Benji has a good ol’ spiky ball hidden inside, and comes in an extra-large size for the biggest pups.

He’s guaranteed to be one of the few cats your dog loves, and he never shows his claws. Years later, he’s still a hit outside the big top and retired from the circus to live with us at BarkShop.

Get Benji the Bouncing Tiger here!

3. Pizza Plush

Did we mention our classic NYC toys? Seems familiar. There must be something in the city water, because this New York-style pizza slice tops the list of dogs’ faves yet again. In 3 sizes suitable for all appetites, the Pizza Plush toy embraces simplicity with a fluff-and-squeakers stuffed crust.

We prefer cheese, but that makes the dogs gassy. Put in an order for a single slice or a whole pie’s worth of crispy deliciousness at the Brick Oven BarkShop.

Get the Pizza Plush toy here!

2. Peas In The Pod

Thanksgiving is almost never about the vegetables, but this time it made Peas in the Pod famous. Dogs went so nuts for the squeaky tennis ball-sized peas in their crinkly pod, they didn’t even care about being stuck under the table during dinner.

We can’t say they wouldn’t be improved with a little butter, but who needs the calories? Hundreds of thousands of dogs turned this veggie into a finger paw food.

Get the Peas in the Pod here!

1. Flowers Bouquet

April is a great time for lots of things, like rain and allergies. In the spring of 2015, we introduced dogs to a multi-part toy for the ages—the Flowers Bouquet. 4 separate flowers, each with crinkly petals and 2 with squeakers, come wrapped in crinkly newspaper with the latest headlines.

They were one of BARK’s original ORIGINAL toys, and they’ve certainly stood the test of time. Probably because when your dog comes trotting up to you with flowers in his mouth, it seems less like a request for fetch and more like the sweetest gift in the world.

Get the Flowers Bouquet here!

That’s true for dogs, too. The sweetest gifts in the world. More than 350 BARK employees (most with pups of their own) would agree, as would the 600k families getting BarkBoxes every month nationwide, and the thousands more who treat themselves and their pups to the goodies at BarkShop. Nap hard, play hard, pupperinos!

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 26, 2018

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