What Are The Best Toys For Big Dogs?

Written by: Deanna deBara

November 13, 2018

Not all dog toys are created equal. The toys that appeal to an eight-pound Toy Poodle just aren’t going to be the best toys for big dogs. When your canine companion is roughly the size of a grade schooler, you need dog toys that are durable, entertaining, and large enough not to produce a choking hazard.

But where exactly can you find toys like this? Read on to find out!

Fetch Toys

Big dogs have big legs. And typically, they like to use those big legs to run. That’s why Fetch Toys are such a great option for larger breeds. Playing fetch with your pup will make sure they get plenty of entertainment and exercise. Plus, fetch a great way to work off any excess energy (which will keep your big dog from getting into big trouble).

Tug Toys

Big dogs play tug of war any chance they get. But without a proper toy to tug on, chances are they’ll tug at whatever they can get their paws on (like the leg of your pants). That’s why Tug Toys are such a great option for larger dogs. Tug Toys feature a handle or rope for you, and then your pup can tug away without you losing your grip. (Plus, you can rest easy knowing your pup won’t try to tug your pants off).

Plush Toys

Big dog with plush toys

Kids are never too big for a sweet stuffed animal. And dogs are never too big for Plush Toys!

When it comes to choosing a plush toy, they key is to make sure it’s both large enough and durable enough to withstand your pup’s large chompers. Anything too small or too easy to destroy and you’ll have to replace your plush toys every five minutes.

If you want to make a plush toy even more fun for your pup, try Spiky Core Ball toys. These toys have a “hidden surprise” inside their plush—a durable, squeaky, spiky ball. So once your pup destroys the plush (which big dogs will do!), they have an entirely new toy waiting for them in the center!

Thinker Toys

Australian Shepherd and dog puzzle toy barkbox barkshop

It’s just as important to work your dog’s brain as it is to work their body. Which is why Thinker Toys are one of the best toys for big dogs. Thinker Toys work by incorporating “hidden” treats into the toy. These toys can either be a hard puzzle (like one made out of wood) or a soft puzzle (like one made out of plastic). But the key is, your dog has to work to figure out how to remove the treat (or treats!) from the toy.

Think of Thinker Toys as puzzles for pups. They can keep your big dog engaged and challenged for hours at a time.

Super Chewer Toys

Big dog with chew toy

Big dogs are notorious for ripping through toys like they’re going out of style. Which is why durability is such an important feature when shopping for toys for your large pup. Super Chewer toys can withstand even the largest, most active chompers – making them a solid choice for larger breeds.

Bonus: Super Chewer toys are one of the best toys for big dogs. But they can also be a great tool for teething – which makes them one of the best toys for big puppies. If you have a large puppy that chews up a storm, a Super Chewer toy is a must.

Need Help Finding The Best Toys For Big Dogs?

If you’re not sure where to find the best toys for big dogs – or which toys your big pup is sure to love – try the Super Chewer BarkBox. With the Super Chewer BarkBox, you’ll get a carefully curated collection of top-quality toys (2), treat bags (2), and meaty chews (2) delivered straight to your door every month. And we tailor each delivery to your dog’s size, so you’ll only get the best for your big dog!

Have questions on how to find the best toys for big dogs? Reach out to our pup-obsessed team at [email protected] – we’re happy to help!

Written by: Deanna deBara

November 13, 2018