What Are The Best Toys For Boxers?

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 15, 2018

For anyone that has come in contact with a Boxer, you know their love just captures the room. While they’re often most content hanging out with their favorite person, they also love to play with dog toys. However, finding toys that can keep up with their energy can sometimes seem too difficult.

Not to worry, our pup-lovin’ experts have found the perfect toys for them!

Rubber Super Chewer Toys

It’s no secret that Boxer’s have some master chompers and are in need of durable toys to hold up to their chewing. BARK’s Super Chewer Toys are the perfect option for any chewer and the options are endless. Toys similar to “Max the Marching Penguin” can be used in multiple ways, whether it’s for a game of fetch or stuffing treats inside.

BullDog With BarkBox Super Chewer Spooky Spinning Top

If Squeaky Toys are more your Boxer’s style then the “Spooky Spinning Top” will be right up their alley. Made with the same durable material as Max, but with an added squeaker so your pup can squeak away.

Nylon Benebones

Pit Bull with a BarkShop Benebone

Is your Boxer just born to chew? Do edible chews seem to disappear in seconds when they’re around? Then bones like the Benebone are the perfect option, whether they’re the wishbone style (above), the Dental Chews, or the Pretzels (flavors include both bacon and peanut butter). These nylon chews are meant to hold up to the toughest of chompers and can provide days hours upon hours of entertainment for your dog.

That’s So Fetch

Does your Boxer just go wild trying to chase their tail (or nub) and find themselves fascinated with chasing the shadows and reflections on the wall? If yes  then your pup is desperately in need of a good game of fetch. There are variety of Fetch Toy options, including the “Best Balls Ever.” What dog doesn’t like extra bouncy squeaky balls to chase?

BullDog With BarkBox BarkShop Toy Gobble Gus

But if your dog seems to enjoy some extra chomps before bringing the ball back then a more durable rubber ball might be the best way to go. Toys similar to “Gobble Gus” can provide endless bouncing fun because of the groves the toy bounces all over the place.

Thinker Toys

With endless energy, Boxers need something to keep their brains active, especially when they can’t be racing around outside. Puzzle Toys can be beneficial by keeping your pup’s wits honed and helping them burn off some extra energy (either mental or physical). If your Boxer is brainiac, then starting with a toy similar to the “Dog Tornado Puzzle might be more beneficial than just a regular treat-dispensing toy.

However, if your Boxer’s all about the snackin’ and chompin’ then the “Benebone Pawplexer” will be a much better option. This Benebone can be filled with your pups favorite chews, thus giving them hours of fun to free up your hands to get some errands done.

Spiky Core Ball Toys

Mr. Chewniverse Spiky Ball Toy BarkShop BarkBox

We all know a pup that loves to squeak and that has a thing for just ripping through classic Plush Toys. Finding something a little more durable can not only save some money but in the end your pup’s tail will still be waggin’! Toys like “Mr. Chewniverse’s Muscles” and “Penny the Pineapple are meant for those pups who are a little bit more rough on their toys. Featuring the Spiky Core Ball, this toy has 3 layers for your pup to tear through before being destroyed (in fact, it’s almost like 3 toys in 1).


Pit Bull With Super Chewer BarkBox

Does your Boxer enjoy new toys and treats? Do they get excited to see the mailman? Whether your pup is a Super Chewer or not, BarkBox is for you. Our monthly classic BarkBox comes with 2 toys, 2 bags of treats and a chew. While the Super Chewer BarkBox comes with 2 super durable toys, 2 bags of yummy treats and 2 chews.

Have questions on how to find the best toys for Boxers? Reach out to our pup-obsessed team at [email protected] – we’re happy to help!

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 15, 2018

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.