What Are The Best Toys For Pugs?

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 5, 2018

Want to find the best dog toys for the pug in your life?

Pugs are a curious breed that love to be the life of the party. Don’t let their lap dog status fool you. When given the chance, these companion dogs can be full of crazy energy. They crave stimulation indoors and out, giving you ample opportunity for play time. Toys are a great tool for keeping them engaged and it’s a wonderful way to spend some quality time together!

We’ve compiled a list of the best toys to keep your Pug happy and healthy!

Treat Dispensing

Best toys for pugs

It’s no secret that pugs are food driven. There is nothing that your pup will love more than sinking their teeth into some yummy treats, well except for belly rubs. Treat dispensing toys, like Cal the Catepillar, are the perfect toy for your hungry pug. Just pop in some of their favorite treats and let the feasting begin.

Tug Toys

Pugs seem to always be up for a game of tug. Toys like the L.L. Bark Boots give your pup the perfect piece to hold onto while they try to become the tug of war champion. Stretchy rope like BARK’s t-shirt rope add to the tug experience giving them a little extra give.

Classic Plush Toys

Classic toys like the Turkey with Fluffing are guaranteed to make your pug go wild. Filled with fluff and squeakers there is so much going on that your pup will just love. Classic plush squeaky toys are a must have to keep around, click here to find your pug’s new favorite.


Does your pug love fetch as much as the next dog? I don’t doubt it at all! While classic tennis balls can be fun and sometimes seem essential to the game of fetch the Best Balls Ever add a little something extra. These balls come with all the classic bouncing fun of a regular tennis balls but are filled with squeaks. What more could your pug ask for?

Thinker Toys

As stated above, we all know a pug or two that is driven by food. Thinker be filled your dog’s favorite treats and give their brain a little exercise as well. While puzzle toys like the Treat Maze are a general go-to to get your pup’s brain going Muti-part toys can provide just as much fun.

Multi-part toys like the A-maize-ing Corn Chips not only mimic what your pug would like to snack on, but the chip bag can be stuffed with hidden treats along with the corn chips. I don’t know about your pup but I think if I dove into a bag of plush chips and came out with a treat I would be pretty tail waggin’ happy.


Sleeping pug surrounded by BarkBoxes

Whether your pug is on a mission to destroy all of the toys or getting the squeaks on is enough to keep them occupied BARK has the perfect subscription for your pack. The classic BarkBox is filled with 2 classic plush toys, 2 bags of yummy treats and a chew. The Super Chewer BarkBox has two of Bark’s most durable toys, 2 bags of delicious treats and 2 chews. What more could a dog ask for?

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 5, 2018

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.