7 Great Items For Classy Crazy Dog Ladies

Being a crazy dog person doesn’t mean you have to forego the finer things in life --- it just means they may be forever coated in a layer of dog hair. So we’ve compiled a list of items designed to proclaim your dog lover status to the world while keeping things stylish. You can give them as gifts but you’ll probably want to keep them for yourself! Chow Dog Cheese Board Best for the host with the most I don’t need any more encouragement to chow down on some delightful cheeses and meats, but this serving board just makes it that much more enticing to have some friends over just to impress my guests with this gorgeously crafted board. And if you’re not one for charcuterie (why tho), it can also be used as a cutting board. Personally, I’d just leave it on my counter at all times for max viewing pleasure. THE DETAILS: ¾” thick American Walnut Wood Artisan designed Available in three sizes LOVED BY: Stacie Buy Here, $47 Chihuahua Etched Libbey Wine Glass Best for humans who would rather stay in with their dog on a Friday night If you’re like me and like to end a long day with a glass of wine and a dog cuddling by your side on the couch, this wine glass should be on your wishlist. It features an etched Chihuahua but it’s also available in every other breed you can think of (even ones I’d never heard of like Treeing Walker Coonhound), which is exactly the kind of subtle hint of crazy dog lady I want in my life. So go ahead and drink up, because only Doge can judge you (and he won’t because come on, dogs are super understanding.) THE DETAILS: 100% Dishwasher Safe Made in the USA 12.75 oz LOVED BY: Benji the Dog (Just kidding, Benji’s a teetotaler.) Buy Here, $19.99 In Dogs We Trust Bone Charm Necklace Best for the dog person who loves dainty and simple things This In Dog We Trust Bone Charm Necklace from Dogeared is the perfect addition to a dog lover’s wardrobe. The simple gold dipped bone at the end of a fine chain can be worn as a sweet little reminder of the love you have for your dog (and vice versa 😊). THE DETAILS: Delicate 16” gold filled chain Spring ring clasp Made in the USA LOVED BY: A dog lover who appreciates small details Buy Here, $58 Lina & Lily Labrador Dog Print Infinity Scarf Best for the Lab lover This soft and lightweight scarf is the perfect addition to your wardrobe, especially on days when the weather may be unpredictable. It’s suitable for any season and can be worn indoors and out. And the best part is that it comes in classic colors for easy pairing with any outfit! THE DETAILS: Khaki scarf with black Labrador print 35" wide; 70" total loop, can loop twice LOVED BY: Chester’s human Buy Here, $15.99 Fenella Smith Pug Notebook Best for the serial sketcher I can never have enough places to jot down a quick shopping list or reminder to give Lady her heartworm meds, so this sweet Pug themed notebook puts the fun in functional for any dog lover. THE DETAILS: Unlined, size A5 70 sheets Made in UK LOVED BY: The humans at BARK Buy Here, $14 "All You Need is Love and a Dog" Cushion Cover Best for that friend who only posts inspirational quotes One of the reviewers for this cover mentioned that the fabric is like burlap, which makes it super easy for her dog’s hairs to slide right off and not just coat the entire cushion like it does the rest of the house. Which is a pretty great selling point if you love your dog but don’t want to wash your cushions every week. THE DETAILS: 18” x 18” cushion cover Linen Zipper closure LOVED BY: The one who can never have too many couch cushions (Mom, I’m talking about you.) Buy Here, $9.99 "Le Chien" by Pablo Picasso Framed Print Best for the minimalist Picasso was great friends with a Doxie named Lump, and the pup featured in some of his works. “Lump, he’s not a dog, he’s not a little man, he’s somebody else,” remarked the late artist. Who knew Picasso was a crazy dog person too? *one of us, one of us* THE DETAILS: Outer dimensions: 15” x 13”; Print: 9.75” x 7.75” Handcrafted in Madison, Wisconsin Ready to hang LOVED BY: Morgane Buy Here, $79

Tasmai Uppin

7 years ago

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