6 Awesome Gifts To Make Your Dog’s Birthday Epic

So, your pup's been invited to his dog BFF's birthday pawty. You could just go the gift card route, but anyone can do that. No, you want to bring a gift that will get you invited to all pup birthday parties in your dog's social circle. You want a gift that's useful yet memorable. BARKDAY BITES Nothing makes a birthday party great like cake, and having it bite-sized just makes everything better. These soft-baked treats are a great choice for dogs of all ages, and the heavenly vanilla aroma might just have you reaching in the bag too. WHY WE LOVE IT: - Made in the USA - Vegan - Soft-baked for all ages BUY HERE, $10 PARTY ON! HAT We'd have a blast at our parties, too, if all we had to wear was a hat. Luckily, for those dogs who prefer their birthday suits, this hat is also a toy. It's filled with crazy crinkle and has an adjustable bungee band that makes tug-of-war epic. WHY WE LOVE IT: - Totally wearable for photo ops - Crazy crinkle is irresistable - Adjustable bungee band to fit most doggo heads BUY HERE, $8-12 SMALL SHINDIG/MAJOR RAGER PARTY CAKE There's no such thing as too much cake, especially if it's baked with fluff & lit with fuzzy flames. The slices stick and come apart with velcro, and make great party favors for the best pawty on the block. WHY WE LOVE IT: - 2 sizes (4 or 7 slices) - Stuffed with fluff - Multi-part toy (keep for yourself or share with friends!) BUY HERE, $24-36 OH MY DOG YOU'RE ONE?!? Or two, or three, or 10... You can't go wrong with big ol' stuffed-with-fluff-and-squeakers birthday candles to celebrate another year of cuddles, and soft t-shirt rope is perfect for impromptu games of tug. WHY WE LOVE IT: - 3 squeakers hidden in all the fluff - T-shirt rope candle wick - Each number is a different color & pattern BUY HERE, $10 FULL O' FLUFF PIÑATA If your dog can swing a stick instead of chew it, you're ready to go. This piñata swapped candy for stuffing and squeakers, and he's covered in shreddable hair and a streamer tail that's just begging to be pulled. No pins for this donkey. WHY WE LOVE IT: - Stuffed with squeakers (the best surprise) - Long hair for shredding - Built-in tab on top for hanging BUY HERE, $12-14 TAKES THE CAKE TOY We can all appreciate ballistic nylon birthday candles and t-shirt rope icing, right? It's the little things. This two-tiered beaut is filled with a couple of disc squeakers and tons of fluff to make every slice delicious. WHY WE LOVE IT: - Stuffed with two big disc squeakers - Durable ballistic nylon candles - T-shirt rope icing BUY HERE, $16 Check out the entire Party Animal collection and start planning the best barkday ever! Interested in more content like this? Sniff this related post:  9 Dog Gifts for Spoiled Dogs who Love Their Humans

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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