Here’s What You Get When An Industrial Toy Designer Creates The “Winter Wild” Super Chewer Box

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 27, 2019

The Winter Wild Super Chewer box brings us deep into the most pristine frozen wonderland, where “bathtime” means bounding into a lake and your dog’s only job is to explore.

We ducked into the flurry and spoke to toy designer Katie Lim for a behind-the-scenes look at how this box came to life!

What Is Super Chewer?

Each monthly Super Chewer box includes two fluff-free toys, two full-size bags of treats, and and two irresistible chews.

For the dogs who find joy in racing hearts as they leap through snow drifts, run forest trails, or swim ’til the sun goes down, Super Chewer keeps the fun going in a way dogs enjoy with the person they love most—YOU!

Take A Peek Inside

Each Super Chewer toy caters to a rugged lifestyle and unique play preferences, whether your dog loves gnawing, fetching, treat-seeking, tugging, or anything makes them over-the-moon happy. Here’s just a taste of what this chilly collection has in store:

Brunt The Bear has an extra layer of warmth, but it’s not for hibernation. Beneath his shaggy coat of faux fur is a tough, textured rubber core. You can even smear Brunt’s torso with peanut butter and freeze it for a yummy and engaging new experience.

The Stronger Streams Salmon swimming hard against the current is evading more than just bears–he’s trying to escape your dog and his nose! This rare fish has a peanut-scented rubber body with a tough nylon skeleton below the surface.

The Design Process

Every Super Chewer toy begins with an idea, no matter how vague or crazy. Our amazing industrial toy designer, Katie Lim, says the key is to “always try to have two ways to play” in a single toy. A fetch toy may do double duty as a tug, or a ball or chew may be hollow to dispense treats or food.

The more ways to play, the more variety to keep playtime lasting longer and broaden the scope of happy dogs.

It takes about eight months between concept planning and the day a box arrives on your doorstep. To make sure everything is perfect, it may begin even earlier to allow enough time to test new materials or play styles. Rest assured, we OBSESS over the details.

Durability & Function

Super Chewers play hard. They do everything with gusto and turn each toy and game into a personal challenge. They’re the reason Super Chewer toys pack an extra punch in the toughness department.

We use the strongest dog-safe materials, including natural rubber, nylon, ballistic nylon straps, and faux suede. Not to mention the occasional here-for-a-good-time-not-a-long-time accents like faux fur and soft plush outer layers designed to be ripped off and reveal a tougher inner core.

Every dog is an individual with likes and dislikes–we get that. Next to durability, Katie says, the design team is always analyzing “how engaging a toy is for the dog and even the owner to encourage them to play.”

“There are so many dogs with different play styles,” she continues. That’s why we’ll never just give your dog a solid block of nylon to gnaw until it’s no longer interesting–we design our toys so they’re interesting, period.

The Tough Timber Pine Tree has a crazy erratic bounce, but it also doles out your dog’s favorite treats as they play.

This month’s extra toy, the Rough & Rugged Tug, transforms a game of tug into fetch in a second. With faux suede and a rubber liner, it’s more lightweight and gentle on teeth for the ultimate midair catch.

Customer Feedback

Our pack of devoted dog parents play a huge role in how toys are created and improved month after month. With over 20k #superchewer uses on Instagram and growing, plus nearly 2 million customer interactions with our Happy team per year, we have so many opportunities to hear from subscribers.

“They are our eyes and ears for customer happiness and finding areas we can improve our designs,” says Katie. “In addition to that, we review product scores from each box and have a huge review to see what can be done better.”

The new BARK app even allows customers to review every item in their box to help us make future experiences the best they can be.

How It Works

Tell us about your dog on, opt in or out of an extra monthly toy, and choose your plan!

We offer 12, 6, or monthly plans starting at $29/month. If your dog defeats a toy or simply doesn’t care for it, we’ll replace it with something they’ll enjoy, no questions asked.

Tailored Boxes

We can design the heck out of every toy with functions and details that’ll knock your paw socks off, but it doesn’t much help your pup if they can’t get exactly what they love.

For the first time, subscribers can customize just about anything they want. No squeakers? Less fuzz? Only soft treats? You got it. Just reach out to our Happy Team to make the changes, easy peasy.

And if you would ever like to take a treat or toy break but still want to delight your dog each month, ask our team about Super Chewer Lite! Just one toy, one bag of treats, and one chew in the perfect mini box.

Whatever gives your dog the zoomies, we’ll make it happen. Happy playing!

Ready to challenge your tough n’ rugged pup this month, and every month after? Spoil ’em with a Super Chewer box! Sign up here and get a $5 FIRST BOX with any multi-month subscription!

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 27, 2019

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.


A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.