14 DIY Dog Bowl Projects To Spice Up Your Pup’s Mealtime

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 13, 2015

Want to liven up your pup’s culinary experience? Start with their dish ware! Check out these great DIY projects to personalize your dog’s mealtime. You can use these projects to keep your kids busy this summer too!

1. Painted Pet Bowls

Let’s ignore the fact that these were made for cats and use the idea for dog bowls instead! You can match the colors to your decor or just add bright pops to an otherwise mundane space.

hand painted dog bowl

2. Vintage Elevated Dog Feeder

If you lean more towards the rustic side of decor and style, this feeder may be more up your alley. If you have a crate lying around the house, this update barely takes a couple of hours.

Elevated dog feeder

3. No-slip Dog Bowls

Nothing is messier than having your pup chase his bowl around the house while he tries to eat. Try this project to avoid bowl-slipping. You’ll be happy and so will your pup.

plastic dog bowls no slip

4. Color Dipped Pyrex Bowls

Who knew you could make Pyrex look this cool? For a quick update on your pup’s bowls go with a monochrome style. If you have the time and want to get more intricate, try easy patterns like polka dots, contemporary geometric shapes, and chevron.

pyrex dog bowls DIY

5. Never Ending Water Bowl

If you’ve always been one for science experiments and being highly resourceful with waste materials this tutorial is perfect for you! And your pup gains a faux fresh water feeder in the process as well.

water bowl DIY

6. Wooden Bowls

Looks classy, and it’s a whole lot of fun to create. All you need is a steady hand to make these chic dog bowls!

wooden dog bowls

7. Upcycled Ombre Dog Feeder

Instead of messing around with the dog bowls, you can update your pup’s feeding nook by adding a simple accessory like a wood pallet instead of a food mat. The best part? You can make it with just some duckboard and paint!

Ombre dog feeder

8. Sharpie Designed Bowls

Remember when you were young and coloring with Sharpies was just SO. DOGGONE. FUN? Why not Sharpie your way to funky dog bowls?

sharpie dog bowl


9. Reclaimed Wood Dog Feeder

Nothing is more satisfying as when you make something that looks like an expensive one-of-a-kind piece. It’s time to use all that reclaimed wood you’ve been stockpiling!

reclaimed wood feeder

10. Your Royal Highness Bowls

We all treat our dogs like royalty. It’s just a given with us pawrents. So why not make that official by creating these sophisticated feeders? (Candlelit dinners optional).

fancy dog bowls

11. Chalkboard Bowls

These are fun for multiple reasons but the best one? You can use ’em as a creative space to write out what your dog thinks about feeding time and his favorite dog food. My pup’s bowl would say, “NOMZZZZZ for DAYZZZZ”.

chalkboard dog bowls

12. Plant Pot Dog Dishes

Bring the garden inside with these plant pot bowls. This idea is not just cost-effective, it also prevents bowl-slipping and adds elevation so your pup doesn’t have to bend too far down to get at his food. Perfect for medium/bigger dogs!

plant pot dog bowls

13. Stenciled Pup Dishes

Personalize your dog’s bowl with stencils. You can create the stencils yourself or buy them at a store like Michael’s. It’s a quick and easy alternative to infuse some character into your dog feeding station.

Stenciled dog bowls

14. Collapsible Travel Dishes

Have oilcloth just lying around? Instead of throwing them out, use them to make collapsible travel bowls.

collapsable travel bowls

Featured Image via Ammo the Dachshund

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 13, 2015

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