9 Dining Accessories Made Especially For The Dog-Loving Human

Of course we all love our dogs, but that doesn't make them welcome at the dinner table! dine So we found a way to safely and sanitarily display your dog pride at supper time. 9 ways actually! Here are 9 dining accessories for the discerning dog lover. 1. Pug Salt and Pepper Shakers, $11.99. Cutest set ever! salt pepper shaker 2. Dog Themed Silverware, $13.75. You'll smile every time you take a bite! silverware 3. Dachshund Napkin Rings, $13.33. Nothing says fancy like napkin rings! napkin rings 4. Wine Glasses, $10.00. Dogs drink water...and we drink wine! wine glass 5. Dog Salad Bowl, $15.50. You'll never want to eat a salad faster! salad bowl 6. Corgi Napkin Holder, $20. These fluffy butts will keep your napkins all fluffy too! corgi-napkin-holder 7. Doggy Dish Towel, $3.49. Drying your hands has never been this much fun! dog towel 8. Collie Candle, $11. For those special nights to set the mood! dog candle 9. Doggy Booster Seat, $49.95. Is there a better way to have your pet join you at the table?! Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 9.01.57 PM

Featured Image via The Gaily Grind

Featured image via Not On The High Street

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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