15 Gifts For The Tech-Obsessed Friend Who Never Unplugs

Written by: Tiffany White

August 6, 2015

We’ve rounded up 15 adorable techcessories for any dog-lovers on your list who also happen to have a hard time tearing their eyes away from their phone, computer, or tablet.

In a day and age where we rely so heavily on these gadgets, it’s nice to be able to break away from the pack with cases, covers, and other accoutrements that give a personal touch and make your devices too cute to be mistaken for someone else’s.

1. “Leave Me Alone” iPhone Case, $27.08

Designed for iPhone 4, 5, and 6, this sleek cover says all the things you always wanted to say to those obnoxious friends who aren’t your dog. It’s also a clever way to avoid awkward small talk, too. Just hide behind your phone while texting and let the cover do the work.


2. Dog Paw Print Light Tablet Cover, $49.95

Not only is this cover a simple way to jazz up your boring iPad, it’s also the perfect way to show off your unhealthy dog obsession. Covered in a light pink paw print pattern, the cover can be folded into various stand positions for hands-free working.


3. Shiba USB Flash Drive, $21.95

Transfer those files with ease with this wooden USB drive that features one of our favorite breeds. The maple wood gives it a slight rustic touch that makes it extra adorable.


4. Love Dog Paw Vinyl Laptop Decal, $6

Bummed that not enough people know about your love for dogs? Let your inner obsession be known with this dog-centric decal. Can be plastered on your gadgets, your car, your notebooks–anything.


5. Dachshund Phone Jack Charm, $3

Instantly jazz up your phone with these charms that fit right into your phone jack. With various breeds available and at a ridiculously cheap price, you won’t feel guilty when you buy them all.


6. Corgi Polka Dog Phone Case, $25

Who doesn’t love Corgis? Show your love for these adorable goofballs with this Corgi and polka dot patterned iPhone case for 4, 5, and 6 iPhones.


7. Pet Lovers Hand-Made Dog Beads, $9.87

From Japan, these beaded phone charms are just too cute. Handmade by a polyresin artist, each dog charm is a little different and varies in breed. The colored, beaded straps are completely random, which means you’ll never know which one you’ll get.


8. Dog Mobile Phone Stand, $8

These dog-shaped phone stands are the perfect way to prop up your phone to either watch videos or do some hands-free tasks. Made out of silicone and available in various colors, they make awesome office accessories.


9. Puppy Mini Speaker, $19

Maximize the volume of your phone or tablet with this mini puppy-shaped speaker that plugs into your earphone jack. Tiny enough to take anywhere, it can be clipped to your purse or backpack for easy accessibility.


10. Padded Dog Tablet Case, $28.33

Handmade to order, these tablet cases are nicely padded to keep your iPad mini or Samsung Note snug and protected.  Also comes with an extra deep pocket for maximum functionality.


tech-gadget1011. Dachshund Touch Pen, $12

For those with Samsung Notes, iPad Minis, or other gadgets that aren’t quite a tablet and not quite a smartphone, these dog-shaped touch pens are perfect for on-screen scribbling. Simply plug them into your earphone jack and doodle away.


12. Scottie Dog Smartphone Wristlet, $16.20

If you like to travel light and want to carry some cards and cash along with your phone, show the world what a multitasking mutt lover you are with this adorable wristlet by Sloane Ranger.


13. Customizable Dog iPhone Cases, $44

These heavy-duty cases will not only protect your expensive iPhone, they will also show off your style for dogs, whatever the breed. Completely customizable, you choose the breed, color, and text, all of which are displayed on a chalkboard-like background.


14. Doggie Earphone Organizer, $6.95

Never again should you waste precious time detangling your earphone buds. These dog-shaped earphone organizers let you wrap up the wires and clip them in place, keeping them tidy and tangle-free.


15. Beware of Attack Hug Vinyl Laptop Sticker, $3.00

A laptop plastered with stickers and decals just wouldn’t be complete without this certified Bark & Co. vinyl sticker that’s both amusing and cute. Use it as a coffee shop conversation starter or just to show off your canine pride. The choice is yours.


Written by: Tiffany White

August 6, 2015

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