9 Of The Coolest Dog Products Of 2015

As 2015 winds down, we couldn't help but reminisce about all the pawesome dog things we didn't buy in the last 12 months. It's okay. We're sure your dog forgives you. He has no real concept of time and materialism anyway. 2015 In case you missed it, here are some of the coolest thingmabobs that 2015 brought for you and your pup: 1. Woofmints 2015 No more pretending your dog's breath doesn't stink. Because face it, it does. You try eating dog food all day. Woofmints are vegan, gluten-free and all-natural magic capsules made with organic peppermint oil that dissolve in your dog's belly and provide freshness from within. 2015 Just hide the Woofmint in your pup's food or favorite treat twice a day if your dog is under 25 lbs, or four times a day if they're over 25 lbs. After seven days of consecutive use, you're clear to experience the freshest doggy kisses you never knew existed. 2. The Foobler 2015 Finally, a toy that can and will outsmart your dog. The Foobler is a self-reloading puzzle feeder that is both confusing and extremely gratifying for your pup. With selectable timing dispensing intervals, your dog will never manage to predict when the next treat will arrive, but when it does, it'll be the greatest surprise ever.
"Any day now 'genius.'"
2015 The anticipation will keep your pup distracted from chewing on expensive stuff; instead, they'll play with the Foobler knowing that, eventually, something delicious will pop out. It fits up to 2 cups of kibble or treats, and it even features a built-in bell that rings when it's time to party, that way no treat will ever go un-eaten. 3. Buddy, The Smart Dog Collar 2015 Finally, a collar that can and will outsmart your dog. No more wandering off, no more laziness and no more successful cuddling sessions that'll induce human-naps when you have to be at the vet in 15 minutes. Buddy lets humans set up geofences to alert them via a smartphone app when their dog sneaks off too far, it's equipped with a movement tracker that monitors the dog's activity to make sure he/she is getting enough exercise every day and it even reminds humans of important dates and appointments.
"Be honest. Do I look slimmer? I've burned 450 calories today."
2015 The smart collar also features beautiful LED lighting around the edges, a necessary safety precaution for all non-glow-in-the-dark pups. Although not yet in production, 2015 was a big year for Buddy; with over $130,000 raised on Indiegogo, 800+ supporters and a whole lot of press. 4. Buster ActivityMat 2015 Finally, pockets that can and will outsmart your dog. Apparently many things are smarter than dogs. The Buster ActivityMat is basically an arrangement of pouches which you hide treats inside of and then watch your dog try to figure out how to get them out.
"Is it cheating if I use my paws? My thumbs work better than most."
2015 The tasks vary in difficulty, depending on your dog's tenaciousness, and you can even purchase extra tasks for when your dog is like "I can't solve this puzzle any faster, please challenge me." Buster is guaranteed to work your pup's brain and reward her every time she makes progress. 5. Helmut & Hotties 2016 Calendar 2015 Can't get enough of Pugs or hotties? Your cries have been heard and answered by Helmut the Pug. Being a hottie himself, it only makes sense that Helmut is friends with all the male models of Toronto, so he called them up and said "Hey guys, I'm sitting in my hot tub and just thought of the greatest idea ever," and they were like, "We dig it." All proceeds for the calendar will benefit Pugalug Pug Rescue, a Canadian rescue group helping Pugs find forever homes, and all you have to do is look at hotties every day for 365 days, which isn't that much of a sacrifice. 6. Tindog 2015 Tinder "for dogs" but really for humans who know their dogs are more attractive than them in every way and would rather meet people by setting up doggie dates, right? The concept is simple: dogs who wanna play with other local dogs, as per their human's judgement. 2015 The app lets you swipe left to ignore and swipe right to like and get your dog (but really, yourself) matched instantly with other dogs (but really, other dog people). Tindog: not only for dogs. You don't say? ;) 7. Roller-Carrier 2015 Dogs, like children, get tired and eventually want you to carry them around, and dogs, also like children, should probably not be walking freely in shopping malls (or on leashes, for that matter).
"I told you my ears are claustrophobic."
2015 The Roller-Carrier's wheels maneuver easily on the ground and its straps let you carry it on your back, all while your dog sits comfortably inside. Its most distinguishing feature is the Smart-Level platform (that can and will outsmart your dog) which keeps your dog on a level surface as the carrier is tipped over and pulled. For now, the Roller-Carrier comes in two sizes, fitting pets up to 20 pounds, but maybe one day they'll get the hint that big dogs like to fit into small places, too. 8. The Odin 2015 For the modernist pup, who appreciates sleek geometric products of functionality, the Odin puzzle toy offers a beautiful design that'll instantly make your dog seem like the most cultured of his friends.
"Hey. Are you trying to be more contemporary-looking than me? Cut it out."
2015 The Odin is the type of toy you can put on the dining room table when guests are over, and they'll think it's part of the decor. It's designed to connect to other Odins infinitely, creating a never-ending streak of treat-filled puzzles your pup will literally lose his mind over, and love it. 9. Ohhio Dog Beds 2015 If you've never felt jealousy towards your dog's way-comfier-than-yours bed, it's because you don't own one of these. Anna Mo took her talents for chunky knitting and figured, "Who would love this more than anyone else in the world?" that's right, dogs.
"I left some room in here for you if you want."
2015 These cozy and gorgeous beds come in five different sizes (none big enough for you, sorry human) and fifteen different colors, ranging from Tomato to London, yes those are colors, it's 2015. Featured image via: Updog Toys

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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