What Dog Toys Are Similar To KONG?

Written by: Casey Estorque

February 8, 2019

There’s no denying that dog toys are an important part of your dog’s life, so
if you’re a dog parent you may have heard of KONG dog toys. KONG toys are known for their durable material made to withstand vigorous chewing, hollow centers capable of holding treats (or peanut butter), multiple size options, and rubbery bounciness.
Though KONG toys may appeal to some dogs, there’s no one-toy-fits-all in the canine world. Perhaps you’ve tried a KONG toy and your pup rejected it faster than you hit “Nope” on dating apps. Or maybe your dog is a trend-setting Terrier and finds KONGs just a bit too…basic.

Kong Alternatives: Super Chewer Dog Toys!

Though KONG is a popular option, there is still a wide array of dog toys made for heavy duty chewing, bouncing bonanzas, and hidden tasty treats. We call them Super Chewer toys! Even better, these toys are unique and full of character – just like your pup! We’ve rounded up Super Chewer toys that share KONG’s desirable features, but are perfectly tailored to your pup.

Call the Caterpillar

Best toys for pugs

This cute caterpillar is 100% rubber, so he’s able to withstand hours of chewing from the biggest and strongest chompers! Like the classic KONG toy, “Cal the Caterpillar” has sloping bumps, gnarly bounce capability, a treat-dispensing center, and a punchy, vibrant color. Cal is perfect for medium to extra large pups.

Shuck n’ Chuck Corn Cob

Pit Bull WIth Corn on the cob Barkbox toy

Is your Fido a foodie? Then they’ll love munching on the “Shuck n’ Chuck Corn Cob“! This toy has more features than a cob has kernels! It has an all-natural rubber cob that’s perfect for chewing, crinkly husks, a nylon rope for tugging, and a treat dispenser!

Treat Lock Tread Ball

Was the KONG’s smooth texture not satiating your dog’s biting and chewing needs? Check out the totally textured “Treat Lock Tread Ball“! With its tasty treat insert, erratic bouncing abilities, quirky texture, and all-natural rubber, this toy is no ordinary chew toy. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest chew toy for your modern mutt, look no further than here!

Bacon Benebone

Pit Bull with a BarkShop Benebone

Were KONG toys not durable enough for your seriously sharp teeth and super strong jaws? Then the “Bacon Benebone” was made for your pup! This chew is made to withstand even the most aggressive and persistent gnawing. With Bacon Benebone, your dog will have long-lasting chewing fun. Even better, it’s flavored with natural pork flavor. Your dog will seriously savor every bite! Bacon Benebone is available in multiple sizes, so there’s a Bacon Benebone perfect for every mouthy mutt.

Don’t Forget About: The Super Chewer BarkBox!

Not sure which chew toy is the best fit for your pup? With so many great Super Chewer toys out there, it can be really hard to pick just one! Well, with the Super Chewer BarkBox that dilemma magically disappears. Okay, it’s not magic, but it’s a monthly subscription service that sends 2 seriously durable chew toys, 2 all-natural meaty chews, and 2 full-size bags of tasty treats right to your door! With Super Chewer BarkBox, your dog will receive a variety of super fun, super unique, super tough toys! So, even the pickiest pups can find toys they’ll fall head over tail for. Pretty super, right?

With Super Chewer BarkBox, you get $45 worth of toys and treats for $29 – what a steal! Still skeptical? Well, it is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Meaning if any toy is destroyed, Bark will send a new one 100% FREE of charge. (Yes – no typo there – free!) You don’t even need to provide proof, request within a time limit, or answer a battery of questions. It’s really that simple!

Get Super Chewer BarkBox here!

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Written by: Casey Estorque

February 8, 2019

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.