16 Underthings To Subtly Display Your Dog Obsession

As dog lovers, it's only natural that we'd want to show our pride in any way that we can. Many of us opt for dog paraphernalia, which may extend into our sock and underwear drawers. And if you're too nervous to express yourself with bold statements like paw print t-shirts, a pair of socks or leggings is a great stepping stone into the canine craze. 1. Puppy Socks$10 For those moments when you have to hide your canine spirit, throw these socks on... they can be your dirty little secret (pun intended.) Puppy Socks[bp_related_article] 2. I Heart My Dog Thong$14.99 This thong will basically determine whether your partner is the one, depending on how they react to the pooch on your cooch. I heart my dog thong 3. Opposites Attract PJ Set$12.90 Who ever said that dogs and cats don't get along never saw these pajamas. Opposites Attract 4. Hound Dog Boxers$12.95 Even if you're a briefs kind of guy, these boxers will speak to your soul. Gap Shorts 5. Dog Sheer Panel Ankle Socks$3.50 Your feet will thank you for these chic canine peds. Dog Socks 6. Black Tights with Scottie Dogs$15.99 Put these bad boys on under your formal dress for a bit of pup pizazz. Scottie Tights 7. Paw Print Leggings$27.99 These paw print leggings are so fetch right now. Paw Print Leggings 8. Paw Print Nipple Covers$15 These nipple pasties will leave him panting. il_570xN.606984043_ohbu 9. Pug Tank Top$13 Men and women alike can throw on this pugtastic tank top under a button-down blouse or a formal blazer. pug undershirt 10. Hipster Dog Socks$11.50 If you bring hipster dog to work, he promises not to bark during any important phone calls. Woof. hipster dog socks 11. I Like Wieners Underwear, $18.97 For those days when you're feeling a little bit cheeky. Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 11.03.21 PM 12. Briard Crop Tank$37 Throw this on under a sheer top and go from basic to barktastic. il_570xN.667814423_q3b6 13. 3 Pack Trunks With Dog Print$22 This 3 pack is the ultimate starter kit for a well curated collection of puppy briefs. Plus, with 3 pairs, you'll have enough to last almost half the week. 3 pack briefs 14. Paw Print and Dog Bone Sports Bra$16.99 Orange is the new bark. Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 11.23.30 PM 15. Spandex Ankle Length Leggings, $7.90 Made with 12 percent Spandex, these leggings with have you looking slim and showing off your puppy spirit! spandex paw print 16. Just Here For Dog Babydoll Tee Shirt, $15.89 Whip this shirt out when people ask why you finally decided to come out on Friday. just here for dogs t shirt
Featured image via DogShaming

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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