The Perfect Gifts For The Earth-Loving Dog Mom In Your Life

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 18, 2015

Dog lovers are a caring crowd which means most dog moms know the value of keeping Mother Earth healthy. So here’s a list of eco-friendly goodies for those who love the planet almost as much as they love their pups.

1. Custom Family Pillow, $134+

You can customize this organic cotton pillow to feature every member of your family! There are more than 20 pup silhouettes to choose from, so even the muttiest mutt will find his doppleganger.

k Studio Pillow

2. Joobles Organic Baby Cardigan, $59.90

A baby dressed like a puppy? With a puppy in its baby pocket? Named Pip the Dog? Hand-knit by a small fair trade cooperation in Peru? I’ll take 1,000, please.


3. Dozing Dog Doorstep, $34.98

Keep your door propped open with the “dozing dog” in case your pup has a bad dream and needs to snuggle up in bed. Both you and your pooch will sleep well knowing it was made by an organization that helps support the artists of Nepal.

Dog Door Stopper

4. Engraved Silver Cuff, $18.50

This beautiful ruff-cuff handmade in Mexico is adorned with the words “my dog rescued me.” Pass the tissues, please. And a $20 bill.

Silver Cuff

5. iPhone Case, $25

In a perfect world, each week would celebrate a different breed. (Chihuahua week would be off the chaaaaain.) In the meantime, we’ll happily start with these playful Welsh wonders.

Corgi iPhone Case

6. Doggy Hand Warmers, $15.99

The hands-on dog mom needs some hands-on accessories — literally. This pair, made from recycled cotton, reads “ALL EARS” on the back, in honor of the Basset Hound’s most famous accessory.

Doggy Handwarmers

7. I Love Dogs! Print, $19.99+

Whimsical and fun, this awesome print made from eco-friendly inks will jazz up any wall!

Dogs Print

8. Precious Puppy Panhandler, $12

Turns out oven mitts and lovin’ mutts go hand-in-hand thanks to these cotton panhandlers handmade by women artists in Guatemala.

Dog Panhandler

9. Hot Dogs Weekly Planner, $16

Add a pop of color to your desk with this adorable, vintage-inspired planner that’s decorated with five furry mugs, including a French bulldog decked out in Parisian garb. Très chic!


10. Retro Sweater, $59.99

As if we needed to sell you on this bone-a-fide gem, it’s also made from pre-consumer scrap fabric. You win. Game over.

retro swaeter

11. Dalmatian Tea Towel, $18

Crafted with eco-friendly inks, this tea towel combines simple and bold for a memorable look. Declare your love for all things black and white, including the signature spotted pooch.

Dalmatian Tea Towel

12. Go Doggie Lunch Bag, $14

A fun and earth-friendly alternative to a paper bag, this canvas lunch sack has a drawstring to keep wet noses from rummaging through your food. (No guarantees it will keep your co-workers away though.)

Go Doggie Lunch Tote

13. Custom Dog Necklace, $148

When it comes to jewelry, this is about as customized as it gets! You send the artist a detailed photo of your pooch, and she etches each and every spot and whisker into a silver pendant. A great gift for dog lovers (or, you know, you).

Custom Dog Necklace

14. Personalized Wooden Toy, $30

Sometimes a kid just needs a doggy on a string! Especially one with his or her name engraved on it. This would also be great on a display shelf, or perched on a dresser in the nursery.

wooden dog toy

15. Leash Hook, $20

You can hang your hat (and pup’s leash) on this rustic hook made from salvaged barn board.

Dog hook

Happy Earth Day and Happy Mothe’rs Day to all the Earth-lovin’ dog mamas out there!

Featured image via @tunatheschnauzer/Instagram

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 18, 2015

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