12 Dogs Who Give Terrible Gifts On Father’s Day

I’ll never forget the day I came home to find my dog cowering next to my favorite sneakers – a pair of custom-made red Nikes – which had been torn and chewed to smithereens. He’s more than made up for it since, of course, with the best darn doggy kisses and cuddle seshes this planet has ever seen.

These other dogs, though? They’re even worse with their “gifts.”

1. “Maybe you should keep your teeth inside your mouth, Dad? Just a suggestion.”

Dog Shaming Ate Dads Teeth

2. “Sorry for upstaging you on your special day, Dad.”

Dog Shaming Boner Greyhound

3. “I ain’t even ashamed.”

Dog Shaming Peed on Ladys Blouse

4. “Dog-shaming? More like dog-priding.”

Dog Shaming Peed On Dads Head in Woods

5. “Sure, I feel guilty about eating Dad’s cake, but mostly I just feel guilty about eating so much cake.”

Dog Shaming Bulldog Eats Dads Birthday Cake

6. “I’m sorry I ate your pretzels, Dad, but I mean – come on. They were pretzels. It’s not like they were a pair of really expensive custom Nikes or anything.”

Dog Shaming Ate Dads Pretzels

7. “Don’t tell my parents, but I really just wanted to see what was inside the pillow. #noregrets #stuffingaddict”

#fbf to that time Guybrush destroyed my pillow and we were forced by dog law to shame him

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8. “They’re not as fun as they sound.”

Dog Shaming Alphabet Poops

9. “It’s 2015, Dad. Time to invest in an MP3 player.”

Dog Shaming Grehound Dads CDs

10. “I prefer the testicle, if I’m being honest. Way chewier.”

Dog Shaming Testicle

11. “Oh, sure, shame the dog for pooping and not the human for taking him to a board meeting for no reason whatsoever!”

Dog Shaming Pooped at Board Meeting

12. “I…I actually am pretty ashamed about this one. My bad.”

Dog Shaming Man Bits

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7 years ago