The 13 Funniest Dog Toys Of 2023

Written by: Elise Remp

March 31, 2022

Everything dogs do is hilarious in the right light—taking a mud bath, Houdini-ing food off the counter, even just playing with toys. We could watch them all day, every day, and will gladly cancel plans to spend Friday night playing tug-of-war. The only thing that makes adding pics to our already dog-filled camera rolls better? A collection of toys as funny as they are.

1. BarkBox & Super Chewer 4/20 Weed Toys

Barkbox and Super Chewer 4/20 weed toys

We’ve got all the normal stuff your dog needs to keep them mellowed out. So why not sniff around, and if you smell anything that like, REAAAAALLY does it for you, just squeak and enjoy. You dig? (These toys and treats do NOT contain THC or CBD. They’re just hilarious.)

BUY HERE: get double the toys FREE ($35 value) from BarkBox
BUY HERE: get double the toys FREE ($45 value) from Super Chewer

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2. BLACK+DECKER – Nylon Tool Set Dog Toys

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These are the perfect toys for dogs who like to lend a paw when work needs to be done around the house. Your pup will, for sure, know they’re being super helpful next time they happily pounce on top of your body to bring you this toy while you’re toiling away under the kitchen sink.

BUY HERE: $39.99 at Amazon

3. BARK – Hide n’ Squeak Dumpster Fire

Has your year been a dumpster fire…again? Yea, we feel you. Let your dog take out some aggression for you as they de-fluff, shred, and thrash this plush dumpster fire to bits. We won’t judge you if your animalistic instincts urge you to join in on the fun of ripping the stuffing out of this dumpster fire (Ok, we might judge you a little if you use your teeth instead of hands).

BUY HERE: $14.00-$16.00 at BARK

4. Haute Diggity Dog – LickCroix Grrriety Pack Toy

This grrriety pack of Lick Croix is sure to have your dog’s furravorite flavor—that is, if their favorite flavor is of the crinkly, squeaky variety! Hide some treats inside for your pup to sniff out, or watch them go crazy thrashing this thing around by its rope handle.

BUY HERE: $26.95 at Haute Diggity Dog

5. BarkBox – Spongebob SquarePantsed 

Holy mother of Bikini Bottom, it’s Spongebob No-Pants! Well, pants or no-pants, he’s got at least one pair of tighty-wighties more than Squidward. But who are we to judge? Our dogs run around naked 24/7, too. Run free, ya naked little weirdos! Scoop up this Spongbob Squarepantsed plush in the SpongeBob SquarePants themed BarkBox.

BUY HERE: at BarkBox

6. Fetch For Pets – Friends Pivot Couch Plush Squeak Dog Toy

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PIVOT! PIVOT! This plush squeaker couch is a must-have iconic dog toy for all the Friends fans out there. “That’s a great story. Can I eat it?” — your dog, probably.

BUY HERE: $8.50 at Chewy

7. BARK – Prickly Pete Dog Toy

First, there was Consuela The Cactus, and now we’re blessed with Prickly Pete. With this cacti family, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Pups love these 2-in-1 toys with hidden surprises inside just as much as their pet parents.

BUY HERE: $11.97 at Walmart

8. BARK – Turdbert’s Snouthouse

It’s not easy being a turd. Just ask Turdbert. Nobody wants this squeaky stinker in their house—unless, of course, you love some good ol’ poop toy humor as much as we do! Your pup is gonna be just as stoked about this 2-in-1 Turdbert Snouthouse toy with its suspiciously sneaky poop hiding inside a plush outhouse.

BUY HERE: $12–$14 at BarkShop

9. Pet Craft Supply – Hide & See Gym Bag With Undies

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Keep your dog and yourself entertained with this gym bag toy set with plush socks and undies (Let’s hope they’re clean!). All 3 toys are stuffed with squeakers and plenty of crinkle. Plus, you can hide treats in the gym bag to let your dog root around through these overjoyed undergarments.

BUY HERE: $15.55 at Pet Craft Supply at Amazon

10. BARK – Cold Chew Coffee Dog Toy

There’s no better feeling than waking up and taking a steaming hot Shih Tzu…Coffee with you on a walk. If your dog is one for carrying toys with them on walkies, this is gonna be their new favorite. Make sure they proudly show it off to any neighbor who happens to be out!

BUY HERE: $9.99 at Target

11. Zippy Paws Zippy Burrow™ – To the Moon

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If you know, you know. If you don’t, you don’t. To the moon! Get your dog in on the fun with this moon, rocket, coin, and doge dog toy set.
– Regards!

BUY HERE: $19.99 at Zippy Paws

12. Bow Wow Pet – Shark Hide & Seek Plush Dog Toy

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Is anyone else as curious as we are about what body part this shark got ahold of that has one single patch of hair? Hmm… looks fishy to us. Whatever, your dog doesn’t care if it’s anatomically correct, they’ll just love plucking apart the pieces of this 4-in-1 shark toy!

BUY HERE: $8.48 at Amazon

13. BARK – Peepers Dog Toy

This guy is looking for your pup to take him home. He’ll be sure to keep watch over your pup while you’re away. But you might want to keep one eye open while you sleep while this guy is creeping around. We aren’t sure if those are crazy eyes or he’s just happy to see you.

BUY HERE: $8.97 at Petsmart

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Written by: Elise Remp

March 31, 2022

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.