16 Irresistible Gifts For Big Ol’ Dogs

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 20, 2018

With big dogs comes big *everything*: big beds (a.k.a. your bed), big appetites, big hearts, toys big enough to thrash and fling, and tough enough to stand up to jaws and paws. Luckily, we’re kind of experts in that department. Check out these 16 toys that make perfect gifts for big pups!

1. Reggie on a Ledgie, $10

Move him every night if you like–your dog will love it either way. Reggie makes sure pups stay on the nice list, but something tells us his tube squeaker, tear-able tail, and fluff-filled insides will lead them to the naughty side.


2. Crumblin’ Kevin, $10

It looks like someone took a chomp out of Kevin’s gingery noggin already, but your dog will happily help himself to the leftovers. We took some liberties with the recipe and baked this cookie with fluff and a long tube squeaker.


3. Cozy Mosby, $10

Everyone needs a teddy bear to snuggle by the fireplace! Roasting chestnuts optional. Mosby is in perpetual nap-mode with his PJs, plus a belly full of extra fluff, crinkle, and a spiky ball.


4. Wooster Whiskers, $10

Wooster has a bit of a body hair problem in the form of long, shreddable fuzz, but don’t let that stop you. He’s tightly packed with fluff, a bit of crinkle, and has a super squeaker belly.


5. Shuck n’ Chuck Corn Cob, $14

Up the ante of a tough rubber toy by having it double as a treat dispenser! We strung this ear of corn on a nylon rope with crinkle husks, and gave it two openings for treats to fall out as pups play.


6. Benji the Bouncing Tiger, $14

Tigers are mysterious and amazing in many ways, but none have a super-long bungee cord and squeaky spiky ball hidden inside. (Probably a good thing.) Benji is great for tugging, swinging, and targeting all that cat frustration.


7. Supper Ate Camcorder, $14

It’s a throwbark to the 90s with the bulkiest, fluff-stuffed camcorder we could possibly imagine. Pop in a new cassette and get ready to make some EPIC home videos.


8. Sledgehog, $14

We dipped an ordinary rubber ball in some toxic super power-inducing waste, but all we got was a hedgehog with a penchant for villainy. 100% rubber with enticingly nubby “spikes,” Sledgehog needs a tough pup to take him down a notch.


9. Sherwyn the Dragon, $10

Sir Chews-A-Lot has a request from the king: slay the dragon, lest your treasure of treats be stolen. Fortunately, Sherwyn isn’t quite so dastardly despite his ballistic nylon horns and fuzzy flames. He’s stuffed with fluff & squeakers for a play session that will never get too hot.


10. Buns of Steel Hot Dog, $14

No dog can pass up a good all-rubber frank with equally chewy buns. Designed for super chewers and gentle gnawers alike, this ketchup-topped hot dog is also a great choice for fetch.


11. Stop, Guac, & Mole, $10

Guac is extra, but so are we. This bowl’s got the works: ballistic nylon mortar, crazy crinkle chips, half spiky ball, and a classic squeaker. Time to fiesta!


12. Ilana the Iguana, $14

Rubber & nylon make this reptile one of toughest around! Ilana can take some serious chewing and live to catch a few more flies the next day.


13. Namuttste Yoga Mat, $10

Grab your yoga mat and head to the studio for some downward dogs, a.k.a. the prime butt-sniffing pose. Complete with nylon strap, fluff, and full-body tube squeaker, you’ll be perfecting your shavasana in no time.


14. Bacon Benebone Dental Chew, $10-12 *($9-10.80 with Autoship)*

100% bonafide bacon is infused in this durable nylon chew. While the curved shape gives pups a better grip, the deep grooves help manually remove plaque and tartar from teeth to support a healthy mouth and bacon cravings.


15. Woblin’ Walter, $14

Straight outta the rainforest, it’s tough to keep this sloth still with his erratic bounce. Walter is made of tough rubber with a squeaker inside for unbeatable games of fetch!


16. Felt Toy Bin, $30

You’ll need a big bin to stash all those glorious toys, my friend. Our Felt Toy Bin designed in-house features a fold-down flap for easy access to your dog’s favorite goods.

On the lookout for tough toys that last longer than a few minutes? The Super Chewer collection is ready to put your dog’s skills of destruction to the test!

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 20, 2018

Toothbrush-free dental care for dogs.

Fresher breath in 1–2 weeks.



A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.


A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.