18 Dude-Approved Gifts For The Bro Dog Dad

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

December 1, 2015

What up, Brah? (Did I say that right? No?) Aaaanyway, it’s the holidays again and even bros need love. If you’ve got a beer-swilling, cornhole-playing, cut-off T-shirt wearing, Will Ferrell-quoting, dog-loving Dude on your list then you have come to the right place! Read on, Broseph! Read on!

1. Personalized Dogs Playing Poker Gameroom Sign, $99.95

This will look great in the frat house “dining room” which, of course, sees way more action as a game room. Personalize it with your bro’s name or maybe his frat’s Greek letters instead.


2. Weiner Shirt, $18.99 – $20.99

If there are two things that a bro loves, they are an offensively sexual T-shirt, and an excuse to pull said T-shirt over their head to reveal their beer gut. Check and mate! This tee has it all!


3. Embroidered Dog Breed Polo, $27.05

Bros love a good polo, especially in a bright color like pink or teal. Order your favorite dog-loving Dude a customized polo with his favorite breed and optional name on the breast (Hehe, I said breast). Bros can even layer these shirts in multiple colors to achieve popped collar perfection.


4. Men’s Peaks Beanie by Black Dog, $25.00

A brah’s gotta keep his head warm while tailgating at the big game or skiing with the dudes. With the Black Dog beanie he can stay toasty while showing off his bro-mance with his pup!


5. Bulldog Beer Koozie, $3.50

Dog dudes can keep their hands from frosting up while drinking a brew at Coachella with these sweet Bulldog silhouette koozies.

dog koozie

6. Mini Basketball Hoop, $23.70

Bros aren’t exactly known for their cleanliness or laundry skills. Perhaps you can persuade your Dude to pick up his dirty boxer briefs by hanging this cool basketball hoop above the hamper.


7. Summer Dog Cornhole Set, $58.36

Every self respecting frat dude needs a cornhole set! Get your dog-loving Bro a set that reflects his laid back style and love for the pups.


8. Tommy Hilfiger Boxer Short Gift Set, $35.00

Those preppy brosephs tend to  have a thang for plaid. Snazzy Hilfiger boxers with a cute embroidered Santa-dog take puppy prep to the max!


9. Marc Jacobs Ipad Case, $39.99

Dudes have gotta have an iPad to place online sports bets and look at “artistic” photos of women. Help them protect all of their important dude data with this cute but manly iPad case.


10. Dogs Playing Beer Pong Stein, $24.99

What do bros want? BEER! How do they want it? IN A STEIN WITH DOGS PLAYING BEER PONG ON THE SIDE!!


11. Bulldog Wall Mount Bottle Opener, $16.95

A bro could use one of these in every room, but one next to the fridge is a good place to start.

dog bottle opener

12. Red Solo Cup Hugger, $5.99

Ah, the red solo cup. The chalice of the dudes. Bros are rarely seen without one clenched in their ping pong ball tossin’ hand. Now they can doggify their cup with these custom-fit koozies!


13. Dalmatian Necktie, $9.95

Bros aren’t often seen in neckties, unless they’re under their football jerseys on Game Day. If you do spot an elusive neck-tied Bro, said tie will likely be ironically knotted around his forehead.


14. Labrador Retriever Tank Top, $13.38

Gentlemen from the bro clan enjoy showing off their “guns” in public. They may invite you and your female friends to attend the “Gun Show” and then proceed to flex and pose. This tank top is perfect for bros who partake in such shenanigans.


15. The Black Dog Sweatshirt Blanket, $39.95

When a brah manages to snare a “chick”, he has to have some excuse to snuggle up to her on the couch while watching his favorite movie (Animal House). This blanket is cute, yet manly. Now he’s ready to Netflix and Chill.


16. Personalized Glass Flask & Two Shot Glasses, $29.95

For the sophisticated bro who has moved beyond his college years, but still knows how to party.


17. Dachshund Cutting Board, $24.99

One of the bro-iest past-times is the grilling of meat while grunting brutishly. If the bro on your list is a pup lover, this cutting board will make a great gift. That is, if he doesn’t just bypass the knife and eat with his hands.


18. Dog Smoking Cigar Art, $87.00+

Bros enjoy a good cigar from time to time. Surely, the dudeliest dog dad in your life will get a kick out of an original, one-of-a-kind oil painting of a pooch enjoying a good stogie.


Featured Image via @abeachgirlabroad

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Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

December 1, 2015

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