18 Gifts For The Dog That Could Use A Spa Day

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

December 21, 2015

Dogs can be pretty sensitive. You can’t come right out and tell them when their hygiene habits… leave something to be desired. That’s why we created this sneaky list of thoughtful dog pampering products. If the dog on your shopping list has visible stank lines emanating from his fanny, breath that makes the paint peel, or a hairstyle Donald Trump would envy, here is your subtle solution!

1. Woof Mints, $19.95

Say bye bye to dragon breath with these organic peppermint and parsley oil capsules. They dissolve in your dog’s belly, freshening breath from the inside out!

woofmints_box_0004_bottlebox 2. Bone Shaped Gift Basket, $39.99

When the stinky pooch on your list opens this gift set he’ll have no idea you’re sending him a hint. With a rubber ducky and a bone-shaped tote, he’ll just think you’re an awesome gift giver!

Bone Shaped Basket 3. Bath Time Robe, $16.00

Make bath time a little less chilly for the smelly pup in your life. Choose pink or blue terrycloth.

bathtime 4. Paw Plunger, $17.99+

This contraption cleans off those muddy paws before your dirty dog can trample all over your fresh floors.

pawplunger 5. Bling Brush, $14.99

Your pampered pooch will finally look forward to daily brushing sessions with this blinged out brush smothered in rhinestones.


6. Spa Day Tote, $30.00

Once your hygienically challenged hound gets the hang of this whole grooming thing, he’s going to need a way to tote around all his new paw-ducts!

spaday 7. Paws For Thought Tub, $129.00+

Is bath time a nightmare for your pooch and your back? Give your pup the gift of this safe, elevated tub that hooks right to your hose. It’s much better for you, too.

tub 8. Furminator Deshedding Tool, $37.99+

Cleaning up after dogs that shed is a full time job. Reduce the amount of rogue fur flying around your house by brushing your pup with the Furminator. It gets right down to the undercoat, removing dead hair and improving skin health.

furminatorLargeDogLongHair 9. Tear Stain Wipes, $10.79

Tear staining can really make a pooch look ruff. Angel Eyes wipes are specially formulated to treat the biological cause of this unsightly problem.

angeleyes 10. Dog Towel, $7.95

Some pooches have a little problem with slobber, but they no longer have to feel ashamed. Give the gift of a personalized absorbent microfiber towel to handle little messes.

dogtowel 11. Loofah Dental Dog Toys, $12.99

If your dog’s kisses smell like he’s been sampling the kitty litter, buy him a set of Loofah toys. He’ll never know his teeth are being cleaned while he plays.

dentaltoy 12. Shea Butter Paw & Nose Balm, $4.95

Dry, cracked skin can be itchy and embarrassing. This Shea Butter infused balm is designed to keep paw pads and noses soft and supple.

balm 13. Hot Mess Hair Bow, $8.99+

For the tomboy toy breed on your gift list. With this sparkly bow, she can look classy, but stay sassy!

hotmess 14. Pet Effects Holiday Dog Cologne, $7.50

Every doggy needs a little refresher between baths. Choose a holiday scent to mask that musty mutt aroma.

pet-effects-holiday-dog-cologne-spiced-vanilla-1 15. Crystal & Pearl Tiara, $12.95

Sometimes a gal just needs to feel like a princess. Once she’s been shampooed, conditioned, clipped and dried, top it all off with this classy crystal barrette.

tiara2 16. Bow Tie, $30.36+

Gentlemen like to feel spiffy, too! Choose a classic gingham for your newly groomed guy. It never goes out of style.

bowtie 17. Dog Hair Print, $12.00

Your dog will appreciate your unrelenting acceptance of his little shedding problem when you hang this lovely print by his bed.

print 18. Grooming Gift Certificate, Prices Vary

The best gift you can give a hygienically challenged pup this year is a thorough grooming session with a trained professional. Your foul friend will look, smell and feel a 100% better!


Featured Image via @wallace.wheaten


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Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

December 21, 2015

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