19 Geek Chic Gifts For The Dorky Dog Dads On Your List

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

December 3, 2015

Editor’s Note: Plenty of us here at BarkPost consider ourselves to be loud and proud dorks, nerds, or dweebs — and we actually prefer the term “intellectually badass” 😉

QISmaS DatIvjaj ‘ej DIS chu’ DatIvjaj! (That’s “Merry Christmas!” in Klingon to all you non-Trekkies). If there’s one thing that geeky dog dads might want more than Captain Picard’s autograph this holiday season, it’s merch that shows off their love for their pups! We’ve rounded up 19 products that are sure to make your favorite dorky dude’s voice crack with glee. May the Holiday Force be with you!


1. Darth and Frenchie Book Print, $15


True Star Wars fans know that ol’ Darth is really a softy, and that he only went over to the Dark Side because he missed his momma. Geeky puppy papas can relate to this kinder, gentler Darth just hangin’ with his pooch.


2. Doge Hoodie, $69.95

Very winter. Such Christmas. Much Holiday. So Santa. Wow.


3. Pugdalf Tee, $25.20

The Great Beige Wizard, Pugdalf wants your dorky dude to enjoy the “fellowship” (see what I did there?) of the season. Go in Peace.


4. Hounds Of Baskerville Neck Tie, $24

Whether your guy is a literary dweeb, or simply geeks out for one of the many television shows about Sherlock, this tie is sure to impress. Check out that howling hound!


5. Brooks Brothers iPhone 6 Cover, $21

The iPhone 6 is to the nerd, what the sword is to the knight. It’s their calculator, their calendar, their portal to the online gaming world. Just think of this stylish case as a pocket protector for your geek’s phone.


6. Tardis Dog Sweater, $30

Nerdy pups will stay toasty warm this holiday season when they geek out in a hand-made sweater inspired by Dr. Who.


7. Spock Doxie Pillow, $35+

This witty throw pillow is sure to brighten up your dorky dude’s “game”room (aka: where they store their action figures). Live long and prosper!


8. The One Ring Leather Dog Collar, $59+

Gorgeously handcrafted leather collar with authentic Elvish script. Close your mouths, geeks, you’re drawing flies.


9. Math Dog Tie and Collar, $40

Is your dorky dude a former Mathlete? Do you find him turning every day situations into word problems and quadratic equations? This spiffy little pup getup is the perfect gift to bring a smile to his face.


10. Star Wars Spill-Proof Dog Bowl, $23.99

Dog, I am your father! And what a responsible father your geek will be when serving his pooch dinner in this stainless steel, anti-spill bowl decked out in a Vader motif.


11. Dr. Who Bow Tie Collar, $21.99

This subtle nod to the good doctor may easily escape the eye of a non-fan, but fellow Whovians will be impressed with your pooch’s classy, yet oh-so-geeky look.


12. Sherlock Dog Tag, $36

This hand-stamped nickel and brass tag can be customized with your geek’s contact info and the dog’s name. It’s complimentary, my dear Watson!


13. Harry Potter Art Print, $15.20

This original print may be just the right kind of weird for your Griffindor geek. It depicts Harry the Boy Wizard… if he accidentally Animagussed himself into a Whippet.


14. Robot Dog Transformer USB, $19.98

It’s a USB, that’s a robot, that looks like a dog, that is actually a Transformer. Geeky minds will be blown.


15. Science Doge Mug, $17.10

Good old-fashioned dog loving science nerds just do not get enough cred these days. Show your science-y dork you care with this sweet doge mug! Such Science!


16. Root For The Underdog Tee, $20

This shirt covers so many bases. First, there’s a dog. Second, said dog is wearing a cape. And finally, it urges the world to cheer for the underdog, which your dorky dude can certainly relate to.


17. Star Trek Captain’s Chair Dog Bed, $64.99+

Captain’s log: Today I chased a squirrel, then took a nap. The end. -Captain Pupcard


18. Bain ID Tag, $12

Just one of many badass comic book inspired tags offered by Etsy shop, IHeartPets. Whether your geeky guy roots for the hero or the villain, you are sure to find something unique and exciting here.


19. Reversible Science Bandanna, $6

This stylish doggy kerchief (modeled by one seriously adorable dingus) features mad scientist bubbling beakers on one side, and the Periodic Table of the elements on the flip side! This way your dorky dude’s dog will get twice as many wears between washings!

science bandana

Featured Image via @thepawfit


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Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

December 3, 2015

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