15 Perfectly-Sized Gifts For Small Dogs

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 21, 2018

There’s nothing more frustrating for a little dog than being too small to play with the most irresistible toys. Squeakers go unsqueaked, fluff remains securely inside the fabric, and the universe is not as it should be.

We want to change that with toys & treats designed for smaller mouths, and appropriately-sized products for everything else. Gifts are meant to be enjoyed & destroyed, so here are 15 goodies for great pups in small packages.

1. More Cookies, $5

If there’s anything we need as we get deeper into the holiday season, it’s more cookies! Stuffed with fluff and classic squeakers, these chocolate chip-embroidered sweets are just right for dogs on the tiny side.

2. Molly’s Mistletoe, $10

Be careful accepting kisses beneath these squeaky berries and crinkly leaves–that doggie breath can ruin the moment. Skip hanging this mistletoe and start a game of tug or fetch!

3. Extra Coal, $5

These stocking stuffers are the perfect way to say “you’re naughty, but I still love you.” Each lump of coal contains fluff and classic squeakers, and at just 2.5″, they’re a match made in the North Pole for small dogs.

4. Pawtato Chips, $10

With a velcro-topped chip bag as crinkly as the real thing, your pup can keep these squeaky snacks around for a long time without them going stale. No chip clip needed.

5. Andi’s Famous Dumplings, $12 *($10.80 with Autoship)*

You don’t have to live in NYC to get dumplings at 3am! This squeaky takeout meal is fun to hide in the crinkly container (along with some treats if you’re feeling crazy).

6. Snuggle Sack, $16-48

Burrowers and blanket hogs alike now have the best seat in the house. Designed with a super soft plush lining and corduroy exterior, it’s the perfect excuse to spend a relaxing night in.

7. Crumps Naturals Mini Chicken Trainers, $5 *($4.50 with Autoship)*

Bite-sized and easily breakable for smaller pieces, the Mini Chicken Trainers are a great low-calorie option for rewards & quick training sessions. Few dogs can resist their soft texture, addictive flavor, & ingredients that lack the fillers in other treats.

8. Grimbold the Dragon, $10

There’s nothing medeival or regular evil about Grimbold–the only fire he’ll breathe is just enough to roast a mini marshmallow. Crinkle wings, classic squeakers, and ballistic nylon horns stand up to even the toughest tiny knights.

9. Best Balls Ever, $10 *($9 with Autoship)*

We’re not biased, these really are the best balls ever. They’re blue, bouncy, squeaky, and come in a teensy size small–that’s just 1.89″ of fun!

10. Plush Taxi, $10

Skip the traffic and whistle for the nearest taxi, though your pup may come running instead! This classic cab is designed with a classic squeaker, ballistic nylon details, and an overall robust-ness necessary in The Big Apple.

11. Bow-Wow Down Crown, $10

The squeaky jewels, Your Grace. Crafted by the finest in the kingdom, this crown makes any dog an instant royal. Size small is 4.5″ in diameter–just don’t let the attention go to their head, can’t have it getting too big.

12. NYC Roasted Duck Jerky Bites, $5 *($4.50 with Autoship)*

You’ll fine some of the finest cuisine on the streets of New York, including these soft grain-free jerky bites! Made in the USA & Canada with domestic and imported ingredients with a delectable roast duck flavor, they’ll have drool strings hitting the floor in no time.

13. Clam Overboard!, $10

Avast ye, puppers! These pearls spent years on the ocean floor before emerging from their fuzzy shell lined with long fuzz. 3 toys in 1, this multi-part treasure gives your dog a million ways to play, and a sweet way to hide treats!

14. Peas in the Pod, $10

It’s never been so fun to eat your vegetables, especially when there may be hidden snacks inside. Pups can fling around the crinkly pod, toss the squeaky peas all through dinnertime, and still have room for dessert.

15. Felt Toy Bin, $30

What’s an epic toy collection without a place to store it all? Beautiful in its simplicity and with a convenient fold-down flap so dogs can reach their favorites a little more easily, this toy bin is ready for play.

Ready to explore the depths of small dog paradise? Check out our newest Puppy Collection packed with toys & treats for small mouths, huge hearts, and boundless energy.

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 21, 2018

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.