19 Of The Cutest Halloween Dog Toys Of 2022

Written by: Samantha Erb

August 25, 2022

Hair-raising monsters, creepy creatures, and goodies to satisfy your dog’s squeak-tooth are abound after dark—or as late as your local stores are open. Manifest mischief this spooky season with the sweetest Halloween toys of the year!

1. LickDip Candy

Give your pup a plush sugar rush! A spookily sweet squeaker and high fructose crazy crinkle make this toy perfect for whip-n-flip fun. Now your dog can star in their very own thrasher movie.

BUY HERE, $9.97 at Walmart

2. Shrieky The Clown

This may look like your worst nightmare, but he’s a dream come true for dogs who love to de-fluff. Plus, he’s hiding a squeaky surprise your dog must reveal to get the last laugh.

BUY HERE, $9.99 at Petco

3. Peanut Butter Snackula

Toss this sweet-centered toy to your pup so they can thrash their stash or grab hold of a whip-n-flip wing for a game of tug. Determined chewers will find a bonus toy made of peanut butter-scented rubber beneath the tough-but-tearable fabric layer.

BUY HERE, $12.99 at Petco

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4. Candy Haul-O-Ween

Apologize to your pup for all the doorbell-ringing with their very own multi-part candy bag! Your dog can dig into the crazy crinkle sack and chomp down on the 3 squeaky sweets—just hide some actual treats inside to repeat the ritual.

BUY HERE, $13.99 at Target

5. Todd Zombie

Todd is packed with fluff, crazy crinkle, and a bonus spiky squeaker ball! And he’s totally in it for the love of the brains, or, um, game. The guy will literally lose his mind over a game of fetch.

BUY HERE, $10.99 at Petco

6. Push Pup

This toy can take its licks! Push Pup is packed with fluff, a booming tube squeaker, and features a removable, crazy crinkle cap that’s perfect for hiding treats.

BUY HERE, $9.97 at Walmart

7. Cranky Frankie

Cranky Frankie is looking for a new furrrriennnd. This monster dog toy was built from scare parts, including six squeakers and crazy crinkle, taken from toys that were previously played to rest.

BUY HERE, $9.97 at Walmart

8. Cold Boo Coffee

Instead of taking a sip, your pup can grip, nip, and rip all season long! This cup has a latte fluff and crazy crinkle, and a large squeaker for a crisp yet foamy playtime.

BUY HERE, $9.99 at Target

9. Milk Pugs

3 toys in one! Pull the squeaky Milk Pugs from their crazy crinkle box for a frighteningly fun game of fetch. You can also hide some treats inside, unless you’re the type who likes to trick.

BUY HERE, $9.97 at Walmart

10. Chompy Corn Tug

This tug is worth fighting for! The durable twill outer layer is perfect for pawing and gnawing, and a reinforced nylon strap will spark a spooky tug-of-war game. Every time your dog squeaks it, a piece of candy corn starts tasting better.

BUY HERE, $16.99 at Petco

11. Jack-Throw-Lantern

Serve your pup some pumpkin fly with this flinging disc! Featuring tuggable T-shirt rope and crazy crinkle, we’ve carved out any messy fluff, making it perfect for games of fetch beneath a harvest moon.

BUY HERE, $7.99 at Target

12. Scooties

4 toys in one! Scooties are a rainbow of plush sweets, and if your dog is itching for a playtime snack, hide some treats in the crazy crinkle bag.

BUY HERE, $9.97 at Walmart

13. Dead Tired

This vamp is in for a chewed awakening. Dead Tired is 2 toys in 1 and features a squeaky Dracula inside his crazy crinkle coffin. Hide some treats or kibble in the Count’s final resting place so your pup can sink their teeth in.

BUY HERE, $11.99 at Petco

14. Tricks And Treats Doggy Bag

Good luck squeaking this loot past your pup’s snoot! This Halloween bucket dog toy is a real grab bag, featuring a tuggable T-shirt rope and a hair-raising amount of fluff.

BUY HERE, $9.97 at Walmart

15. Barklyn Pumpkin Ale

This seasonal libation strikes the perfect balance of fluff, squeaker, and crazy crinkle, and pairs well with any playtime.

BUY HERE, $7.99 at Target

16. SqueakFarts Candy

Your pup can tug ’til they toot! These sweets are packed with fluff and a dreadfully deep squeaker. Grab hold of the T-shirt rope handles and let ‘er rip!

BUY HERE, $9.97 at Walmart

17. Eye Roller

Peepers creepers! This hardcore Super Chewer dog toy is a real eye-tore. Determined chewers can remove the tough-but-tearable fabric layer to find a natural rubber toy inside. Its squawk-ular strong-jaw squeaker and candy scent are perfect for postorbital games of fetch.

BUY HERE, $14.99 at Target

18. DOGS Candy

Pucker up! This multi-part candy dog toy features 2 squeaky gum drops in a crazy crinkle bag. Hide some treats or kibble amongst these sour ghouls for a game of lick or treat.

BUY HERE, $11.99 at Petco

19. I Scream Pup

An XL toy for an XL amount of fun! Don’t be ghouled by this monster-sized toy… it may have melted long ago, but its frozen phantom is packed with more fluff than you can shake a popsicle stick at.

BUY HERE, $9.97 at Walmart

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Written by: Samantha Erb

August 25, 2022

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