Fetch A Stick & Gather ‘Round The Fire, June’s BarkBox Is Off To “Squeakaway Camp”!

ATTENTION, CAMPERS: Please report to your BARKBox for a marshmallow-roastin', doggy paddlin', campfire howlin' good time at Camp Attaboy in June's "Squeakaway Camp" collection!


Find your cabin and unpack two themed toys, designed by our talented in-house team, two full-size bags of treats, and a meaty chew!

Want MORE STUFF in your box? Head to your account to add an extra toy, or double your entire box with four toys, four bags of treats, and two chews.

Nap Bandit

Nothing like a long nap after filching the kibble kitchen trash cans!

Why We Love It:

  • Multi-part toy with squeakers & crinkle
  • Easy to wake—just pull him out!
  • Sizes XS/S + L

Gooey & Chewy: The Twig Twins

Best smushed between too grrrrraham crackers.

Why We Love It:

  • Multi-part toy (pull them off the stick!) with squeakers & crinkle
  • Roast, fetch, repeat
  • Size XS/S

Li'l Bucky

Don't worry, the dam keeps him from floating away.

Why We Love It:

  • Squeaker & crinkle
  • Stands up to YOUR busy beaver
  • Sizes M

Begging For S'more

Legend has it, the bungee marshmallow tug-o-war game is still going to this day...

Why We Love It:

  • Squeaker, crinkle, & bungee
  • 100% dog-friendly chocolate plush
  • Size M/L

Knock Knock Rocket Pup

Butter up your pup to make up for the last time you broke a treat in half.

Why We Love It:

  • Squeakers, crinkle, & packed with fluff
  • Brain freeze-free
  • Size XS/S + M/L (available as an Extra Toy—add to your box via your account dashboard!)

Awoo-stic Guitar

Perfect for a post-ghost story pick-me-up song.

Why We Love It:

  • Squeaker & crinkle
  • Musical squeakers are always tuned
  • Size XS/S + M/L (available in the Double Deluxe box—upgrade your box via your account dashboard!)

A'Hound The Campfire

When telling scary stories, remember: there are no vacuums at camp.

Why We Love It:

  • Squeaker & crinkle
  • The perfect temperature for snoring under the stars
  • Size XS/S + M/L (available in the Double Deluxe box—upgrade your box via your account dashboard!)


We're bringing you even more premium treats with tons more meat, awesome ingredients, and mouth-watering recipes, plus a brand new look. Don't forget to check the back of the bags for fun snack hacks, dog facts, and more!

All of our treats & chews are made in the USA and Canada from domestic and imported ingredients. Rest assured, every item is quality-checked, and we would never send your dog an item we wouldn’t give our own pups.

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P.S. New subscribers are not guaranteed the month's featured theme as their first box. If you would like to sign up and receive this theme, please contact our Happy team at [email protected]!

Dr. Katy Nelson

8 months ago

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