Kickstarter Leash Makes Life Easier for Urban Pup Parents

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

June 28, 2015

As a new dog owner living in a crowded city, I find myself in situations where I need a long leash, short leash, or even hold Monty real close to me. Monty is a super curious puppy.

He wants to sniff everything and anything, including all the other dogs on the street or in the park. This leads me to constantly asking other owners if their dog is friendly, so Monty can approach and continue his butt sniffing and playing.

One day in Park Slope we came across Apple & Sprocket, their humans who are the founders of Barklyn Pup. The dogs were sporting a beautifully designed multifunctional Reflective City Leash. As I am not a dog whisperer I cannot always read a dog’s body language to understand their temperament. Good thing was I didn’t have to ask if the dogs were friendly or not, because Sproket’s leash clearly indicated he was a friendly pup, while Apple had a Street ID showed she was nervous.


I allowed Monty to approach Sprocket, and after a quick butt sniffing exchange they started to play.


Barklyn Pup’s new Dog Leash is now live on Kickstarter. Check out their project and pledge your support!


Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

June 28, 2015