7 Cool Ways To Hack Your Dog’s Super Chewer Toys

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 1, 2021

Super Chewers need more than just a boring hunk of rubber or nylon to meet their physical and mental stimulation needs. The Super Chewer Industrial Toy design team aims to design every toy with at least two ways to play (fetch + tug, treat-dispensing + fetch, tug + treat-dispensing, and so on…).  But some Super Chewers need even more of a challenge.

Introducing Super Chewer Play Hacks:

A series where we show you how to take your Super Chewer toys to a whole other level and challenge your dog in new, exciting ways.

Please note that every Super Chewer is different and that you know your dog better than we do! The great thing about play hacks is that you can tailor each hack to what your dog likes! If a play hack calls for peanut butter but they aren’t a fan of peanut butter, try canned pumpkin (not pie-filling) instead! Also, if a play hack recipe calls for an ingredient that your pup hasn’t had before (such as plain greek yogurt), try giving them a just a little bit first before giving them a toy that’s filled with it! The last thing we want is an upset tummy!

1. The Deep Roots Carrot

This almond-scented, natural rubber carrot with soft plush leaves has a great combination of texture and bounce. 

Ways to play: Fetch, Hide-and-seek (Nosework), Tug. You can also put peanut butter into the grooves of the carrot and freeze overnight for a nice cold treat!!

Does your dog need more of a challenge?


Cut a solo cup in half, fill the remaining section with any spreadable treat (plain greek yogurt, coconut oil, peanut butter, water + peanut butter, water + plain greek yogurt… whatever your dog prefers!) You can also mix in small/crumbled treats if desired), submerge carrot, freeze, remove cup (cut away if necessary). Your dog can enjoy this frozen treat outside, but in case of cold or inclement weather, feel free to put this toy in their food bowl instead!

2. Tough Timber Pine Tree

Next we have the Tough Timber Pine Tree. This pine tree made of natural rubber has a super erratic bounce and also doubles as a treat holder!

Ways to play: Fetch, Treat-dispensing.

Need to make this toy more of a challenge for your Super Chewer?


Use an ice cube tray to freeze low-sodium chicken broth (you can also freeze other yummy treats into ice cubes: low-sodium beef broth, canned pumpkin (not pie-filling!), a mixture of plain greek yogurt and peanut butter, only plain greek yogurt, only peanut butter—whatever your dog prefers!). Slip a couple “treat cubes” into the Tough Timber Pine Tree and add a chew from their Super Chewer box (or bully stick) to give this pine tree a “tree trunk.” Freeze overnight.


Next up, we have the Puckle. Not only does this toy double as the perfect treat-holder and an “easy-to-find in a field” fetch toy, but it also SQUEAKS!

Ways to play: Fetch, Treat-dispensing.

Need a way to make this more stimulating for your dog?


Mix plain greek yogurt (or canned pumpkin (not pie-filling)) with broken-up treats (biscuit-like treats are the easiest for this!). Spoon mixture into depressions, wipe away excess, and freeze overnight. Voila! 

4. The Makin’ Bacon Asparagus

The Makin’ Bacon Asparagus is not only naturally bacon-scented vegetable, but it’s also treat-dispensing!

Ways to play: Fetch, Hide and seek (nosework), Treat-dispensing.

Wanna take this toy to another level?


Fill the hollow center with a bit of coconut oil, peanut butter or pumpkin (or whatever your dog prefers!), and stick a chew right in the center! Wipe away excess and freeze overnight.

5. The Tundra Treats Snowflake

The Tundra Treats Snowflake, designed for small Super Chewers, is made of natural rubber and can hold up to eight treats!

Ways to play: Fetch, Treat-dispensing.

Does your small Super Chewer need a big challenge?


Fill each gap with little scoops of PB! Wipe away excess and freeze overnight for an icy treat. We recommend enjoying this frozen treat outside, but in case your pup needs to be inside and you don’t want to get peanut butter on the carpet, feel free to put this toy in their food bowl instead!


BIGTOOPH has a great texture combination of tough nylon and natural rubber and is also perfect for treat-dispensing!

Ways to play: Fetch, Treat-dispensing.

Wanna level-up the difficulty of this treat-dispenser?


Remove the “drawer” and fill it with a mixture of plain greek yogurt (or peanut butter, low-sodium broth, whatever your dog prefers!) and broken-up treats. Freeze overnight and enjoy!

7. The Glacier Ball

Last but definitely not least, check out the Glacier Ball.

This toy has a small opening and a free-floating ball inside to randomly dispense your dog’s favorite treats as they roll, nudge, and toss it around.

Ways to play: Fetch, Treat-dispensing.

Let’s take this toy to another level.


Stabilize the ball so that the opening is at the top, and fill the Glacier Ball with a mixture of water and low-sodium chicken/beef broth. Drop a few small treats in there, then freeze overnight.

Which play hack do you think your dog would like the best? 
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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

November 1, 2021