Matching Dog Collar And Bracelet Set Let You Show Your BFF Pride

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

November 23, 2015

Your friends already know that they play second fiddle to your pooch, so why not make it official? has the perfect products to show off your love for your furry BFF. Each dog collar comes with a matching bracelet for you!

mon n pug

Are you and your pooch wild and colorful? Or maybe classic and timeless? No matter what your style, there is something for every pair. Check out the huge selection of collars, leashes, bracelets and charms to find the perfect set to display your pup parent pride!

mom n dach

All of Friendship Collar’s products are made with cruelty-free vegan leather. The dog collars come in 8 different sizes to fit Chihuahuas, Chow Chows and any pup in between. Additional matching bracelets can be purchased so the whole family can show their love for your main mutt!


Do you have multiple dogs? Choose the style that best matches each pup’s personality. Added bonus: The bracelets look fabulous stacked!

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Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

November 23, 2015