23 Mother’s Day Gifts for Helicopter Dog Moms

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 7, 2015

Hello friends! With Mother’s Day being THIS SUNDAY, May 8th, you might be wondering what to get for that dog mom in your life— you know, the *special* one. The one who can’t leave her dog’s side, who is always wondering what he is thinking, feeling, wanting. The one who wishes Text From Dog could be a real thing so she could get hourly updates from her baby. The helicopter mom!

Fear Fur not, we’ve got your go-to list for the lady in your life who is connected at the paw with her pup:

1. Travel Dog Harness by Martha Stewart Pets®, $29.99

This nifty harness works for walks and car rides alike- the nylon strap allows a seatbelt to be looped through for secure restraint while in the car.


2. DIY Dog Bouquet That You Made Yourself!

A beautiful representation of her love in flower form, the fact that you made it yourself makes it that much more special!


3. Dog Carrier by Love Thy Beast, $160

This durable, stylish canvas bag is perfectly toting her fur baby about town.


4. Pet Chatz, $349

If mom has to leave pup alone, why not be able to Skype and dispense treats? It’s on the pricier side of our list, but can one measure long-distance love? 😉

Pet Chatz

5. Dog Mom Apron, $24.00

We all know she’s cooking home-made dog meals and will be proud to tell the world.


6. Sunshine Cuddler Pet Bed by Martha Stewart Pets®, $17.97

A cozy and warm bed for the sunshine of her life.


7. How Dogs Think by Stanley Coren, from $12.95

Helicopter mom already has a pretty good idea what’s on her pup’s mind, but just in case…


8. Dog Pacer Treadmill, from $479

Another higher budget item, but for those winter months when long walks are ruf on dog’s paws and exercise is needed?


9. Go Pro, from $59.99

See everything he’s doing, whether in the next room or in the next town.


10. I’m Not a Regular Mom t-shirt, $22.40

She’ll wear it with pride and you know it!


11. Curry Pet Brush by by Martha Stewart Pets®, from $11.99

Because grooming is as motherly as motherly gets.


12. VERAMEAT Dog-Inspired Jewelry

Verameat crafts delicate, beautiful jewelry with a bit of bite. Perfect the edgy dog mom in your life.


13. Collapsible Travel Dog Bowls by Dublin Dog, $25

Not that she has a problem sharing out of her water bottle, but this collapsable bowl fits easily in any carrier, human or canine.


14. I’m Mom’s Favorite Dog Shirt, $22.95

We know, pup. We know.


15. Voyce, starting at $299.

The ultimate “what is my dog feeling?” answering tool, Voyce is a wearable collar that helps monitor your pup’s health and wellness.


16. Dog Mom Wine Glasses, $12.00

Once the pups are in bed, she needs to drink out of something while hovering!


17. Snoozer Luxury High Back Console Car Seat, $99.95

Travel in comfy and safe style.


18. Keep Calm and Call My Mom tag, $15.95

Dog tag? $15.95. Peace of mind? Priceless.


19. Canned Food Cover by Martha Stewart Pets®, $5.99

It’s the little things that make all the difference.


20. GNC Pets Sunscreen, $11.99

Safety first, even during beach play.


21. If Our Dog Doesn’t Like You… plaque, $25.00

Because a dog mom always knows who to trust.


22. Camio Plus, $9/Camera/Month

The perfect present for helicopter moms, Camio is an app that turns your laptop, cell phone and/or tablet into a streaming video camera. It’s free with one camera device and $9 for the plus plan with two devices! Now you can see what your pup’s up to when you’re away.

dog stealing remote

23. Crazy Dog Lady Tote, $16

Lets just embrace this title already. Because who doesn’t want to be a crazy dog lady? Am I right?

fidel crazy dog lady tote bag barkshop

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Featured image via Bored Panda

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 7, 2015

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