23 Mother’s Day Gifts for Helicopter Dog Moms

Hello friends! With Mother's Day being THIS SUNDAY, May 8th, you might be wondering what to get for that dog mom in your life--- you know, the *special* one. The one who can't leave her dog's side, who is always wondering what he is thinking, feeling, wanting. The one who wishes Text From Dog could be a real thing so she could get hourly updates from her baby. The helicopter mom! Fear Fur not, we've got your go-to list for the lady in your life who is connected at the paw with her pup: 1. Travel Dog Harness by Martha Stewart Pets®, $29.99 This nifty harness works for walks and car rides alike- the nylon strap allows a seatbelt to be looped through for secure restraint while in the car. harness 2. DIY Dog Bouquet That You Made Yourself! A beautiful representation of her love in flower form, the fact that you made it yourself makes it that much more special! bouquet-2-1 3. Dog Carrier by Love Thy Beast, $160 This durable, stylish canvas bag is perfectly toting her fur baby about town. gus 4. Pet Chatz, $349 If mom has to leave pup alone, why not be able to Skype and dispense treats? It's on the pricier side of our list, but can one measure long-distance love? ;) Pet Chatz 5. Dog Mom Apron, $24.00 We all know she's cooking home-made dog meals and will be proud to tell the world. dog_mom_apron 6. Sunshine Cuddler Pet Bed by Martha Stewart Pets®, $17.97 A cozy and warm bed for the sunshine of her life. bed 7. How Dogs Think by Stanley Coren, from $12.95 Helicopter mom already has a pretty good idea what's on her pup's mind, but just in case... thinkdogs 8. Dog Pacer Treadmill, from $479 Another higher budget item, but for those winter months when long walks are ruf on dog's paws and exercise is needed? coco-bella_dogpacer-treadmill_11 9. Go Pro, from $59.99 See everything he's doing, whether in the next room or in the next town. ADOGM-001_life1 10. I'm Not a Regular Mom t-shirt, $22.40 She'll wear it with pride and you know it! 2001blk-w484h484z1-75592-im-not-a-regular-mom-im-a-dog-mom 11. Curry Pet Brush by by Martha Stewart Pets®, from $11.99 Because grooming is as motherly as motherly gets. pPETNA-5153125_main_enh 12. VERAMEAT Dog-Inspired Jewelry Verameat crafts delicate, beautiful jewelry with a bit of bite. Perfect the edgy dog mom in your life. images 13. Collapsible Travel Dog Bowls by Dublin Dog, $25 Not that she has a problem sharing out of her water bottle, but this collapsable bowl fits easily in any carrier, human or canine. ruby 14. I'm Mom's Favorite Dog Shirt, $22.95 We know, pup. We know. im_moms_favorite_dog_shirt-r28eb7fc79e524271803b0956babcc3a1_v9i79_8byvr_512 15. Voyce, starting at $299. The ultimate "what is my dog feeling?" answering tool, Voyce is a wearable collar that helps monitor your pup's health and wellness. 2015-03-20-Dogs-Detect-Thyroid-Cancer-Voyce 16. Dog Mom Wine Glasses, $12.00 Once the pups are in bed, she needs to drink out of something while hovering! il_570xN.702653725_oiai 17. Snoozer Luxury High Back Console Car Seat, $99.95 Travel in comfy and safe style. shopping 18. Keep Calm and Call My Mom tag, $15.95 Dog tag? $15.95. Peace of mind? Priceless. keep_calm_and_call_my_mom_round_small_id_dog_tag_dogtagartdogtag-rffbfb0b59d1d441f8582422b0ed590a7_z2cvj_512 19. Canned Food Cover by Martha Stewart Pets®, $5.99 It's the little things that make all the difference. pPETNA-5209352_main_enh 20. GNC Pets Sunscreen, $11.99 Safety first, even during beach play. pGNC1-11734122t300x300 21. If Our Dog Doesn't Like You... plaque, $25.00 Because a dog mom always knows who to trust. il_570xN.418656288_aaiw 22. Camio Plus, $9/Camera/Month The perfect present for helicopter moms, Camio is an app that turns your laptop, cell phone and/or tablet into a streaming video camera. It’s free with one camera device and $9 for the plus plan with two devices! Now you can see what your pup's up to when you're away. dog stealing remote 23. Crazy Dog Lady Tote, $16 Lets just embrace this title already. Because who doesn't want to be a crazy dog lady? Am I right? fidel crazy dog lady tote bag barkshop Interested in more content like this? Sniff this related post: 9 Dog Gifts for Spoiled Dogs who Love Their Humans
Featured image via Bored Panda

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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