“Murray The Furry” Joins The Love Bunch, A Peculiar BARK Valentine’s Day Toy Collection

Written by: Samantha Erb

February 2, 2022

There are three kinds of Valentine’s Days: the pink, chocolately one, the anti-romance one, and a weird, unexpectedly magical one that we’re manifesting into the universe. It is here that The Love Bunch thrives, feeding on the raw shock and confusion of passersby.

In conjunction with the launch of BARK’s 2022 Valentine’s toys, we’re dropping a third limited-edition Love Bunch resident, inspired by the veterans: Big Honkin’ Pigs in a Blanket and Leatherdaddy.

Please welcome Murray the Furry (a.k.a. Razor Claw Sparkle Tail) to the chew crew.

A few things you should know about Murray:

  • His name is Murray and he is ᵃ furry
  • He is a staunch supporter of #freethenipple
  • He has the cheeks of a Grecian statue

In years past, we have unwittingly attracted attention from (and quite frankly, become fans of) the furry community on Twitter.

What followed were a few interesting meetings, and eventually a pitch for the first furry (Murray) as part of an after-hours Valentine’s Day club.

The design brainstorm went something like this: “What animal should he be?” “It has to be a wolf.” “What about a squirrel?” “OMG A SQUIRREL.” “Is he brightly colored?” “Gotta be. Can he have glitter?” “Give him a little watch.” “How would he tell the time inside the squirrel suit, Daniel?”

A list of semi-coherent notes then goes to an adventurous designer (thanks, Nazar). He gives us concept art, and Murray births himself into the world.

A gemini through and through, Murray’s day-to-day—and night—is never dull.

Call it kismet, but we feel honored to celebrate this shared, albeit unique, love in the hours between 1–3am when The Love Bunch shines brightest without the sun.

With tried and true squeakers and multi-parts of fun, Murray and the troupe celebrate dogs who have always known there are a lot of ways to play. As long as no one gets hurt, they don’t judge, and neither do we.

Play on, you dirty dogs.

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Written by: Samantha Erb

February 2, 2022

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.


A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.