Satisfy Your Dog’s Werewolf-Sized Squeak-Tooth With Super Chewer’s “Lick Or Treat” Collection

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

September 1, 2021

All the trick-or-treating spooks and sweets, and none of the post-candy tummy aches. Your haunted hound can finally sink their teeth into Super Chewer’s “Lick or Treat” haul!

BOO(P)! Get spooky with two tough, fluff-free toys designed by our talented in-house team, two full-size bags of treats, and two meaty chews! Take a closer sniff inside this collection:

Eye Roller

Iris I had a piece of chocolate this big. This hardcore eyeball tears away to reveal a squeaky milk “chocolate” inside, generously donated by your local cyclops. Your dog won’t lose this staring contest!

Chompy Corn

Let your dog end the candy corn debate: play or nay? Unlike the deliciously artificial candies we know and love, this corn is made with all-natural rubber and the sweetest squeak.

Ghoulie Pop

Apple-scented candy and a vanilla-scented stick make this solid nylon pop to die for—it’s the sugar rush zoomies are made of.

Scaramel Grapple

A perfectly rotten fruit for your perfectly spoiled dog. Just give this vanilla-scented apple a good squEEK! and toss for an erratic caramel-infused bounce. Get this toy in the Double Deluxe box—upgrade your account to add two additional toys, two bags of treats, and two chews this month!

Lickrish Twist

The Lickrish Twist is as chewy as it gets! Give it a monster gnaw and hide the apple-scented nylon from sneaky candy-stealing human parents. Get this toy in the Double Deluxe box—upgrade your account to add two additional toys, two bags of treats, and two chews this month!

Canine Corn

Chewy candy corn is SO last Halloween. This grooved, peanut butter-scented nylon kernel makes for a wobbly game of outdoor fetch (and does a scary good job of holding extra PB).

Taffy Toss

It’s not a stretch to call this taffy-scented ball the best in fetch. Get a grip on the nylon strap to fling or tug even after the ghosts come out—it glows in the dark!


Ordinary frisbees can’t hold a candle to this rubber-ringed, reinforced ballistic nylon-seamed flyer.

Chummy Mummy

We’re a little wrapped up in this mummy’s history… that is, the squeaky rubber skull emBALLmed inside.


The sweet cream soda-scented nylon has been carefully un-carbonated to prevent any unnecessary gas. Paw and gnaw to your squeak-tooth’s content!

Super Chewer Toy Size Chart

Super Chewer FAQS

What Is Super Chewer?

Each Super Chewer box includes two durable, fluff-free toys, two full-size bags of treats, two meaty chews, and a metric ton of happiness every single month.

How Does It Work?

You tell us all about your awesome dog and choose your subscription plan. Sign up for a 6-month, 12-month, or monthly plan starting at $29/mo, and prepare for lots of tail wags and zoomies!

Can I Customize My Box?

Chew bet you can! Tailor all toys, treats, and chews however you like. Does your dog have chicken allergies? No clucking treats from us. Don’t like fuzz on your toys? Got it.

You can even switch up your box item ratios with fewer toys and more treats, all toys, no chews, whatever makes your pup happy. Just reach out to our Happy Team and we’ll make it happen. (Please email [email protected], message us on Facebook or Instagram, or use the live chat feature at

What If My Dog Destroys A Toy?

You have a determined pup on your hands! Don’t worry, if your dog defeats his nylon nemesis, we’ll replace it with something more suitable, no questions asked.

Spoil your dog rotten with a monthly Super Chewer subscription!

P.S. New subscribers are not guaranteed the month’s featured theme as their first box. If you would like to sign up and receive this theme, please contact our Happy team at [email protected]!

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

September 1, 2021